Sales pressure to switch from prepaid to postpaid plan

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Yesterday a Telus telemarketer spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to convince me that a plan was a better deal than prepaid (he offered unlimited text and Canada talk and 1Gig of data for 40$/mo for 12 months, 50$ after that).
Seriously... That is 480$ a year and since I often spend a few days a month in the USA and like to use data and text I would be looking a 2x7$/day roaming for an additional 168$/year.
If the Telus telemarketer had taken the time to look at my total spend for last year he would have noticed that I spent a TOTAL of 430$ last year and that I still have 1,5 Gig + 200 minutes + 1 Gig USA + 700 minutes USA + 500 texts USA. Simple math shows that I am spending way less than 648$ a year than the plan (on sale for 12 months) would cost me.
That is just stupid, infuriating and a total waste of my time. I am spending an average of 22$ a month; why would a Telus sales person try to convince me that 40$ a month plan is a better deal??? Even after I told him that I was spending less per year than the 40$/month plan would cost me he still tried to convince me a plan would be a better deal than prepaid or that I needed a cheaper plan with less data (I use about 150 MB per month sometimes over a Gig when I travel).
Since my data usage is very variable I need a plan with rollover data or add-ons that cost the same as a plan. That could make me happy but until then please don't call me and lie to me about saving money.
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Posted 4 months ago

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hi Jean,
This is a forum, a public place. I am not sure if Telus telemarketers would come here to read.

If you don't want the deal, my advice is to say No, and hang up. It won't hurt you  or consume your time.
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There is a push to move people over to postpaid. Everyone has to do their own calculation based on theri usage patterns. There is no universal answer.

Let's be thankful that we no longer have to lock into a plan for the next 3 years, and can just say no thanks.
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Are you currently Koodo prepaid? Since it was a Telus rep specifically, I'd probably complain directly to Telus instead if you want to over the telemarketer not relenting even after not being able to offer something cheaper for you but that's their job. If you get another call you can just say not interested, don't call you again, and goodbye.
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Thanks for the replies.
I put this in a public forum just to let everyone know that you have to pull out your calculator, go to your account billing history and calculate how much you are spending. That call telling you that Telus is offering you a "great deal" that will be much better than the prepaid account you currently have is probably just a line they tell everyone. That might or might not be true for your situation.

Since I was getting a direct call from a salesperson I assumed  he had calculated I could save money with a postpaid plan (I know assuming is always a bad idea). I questioned the telemarketer on the possibility of getting credit for my unused boosters, what my roaming fees in the USA would be and how much it would cost to occasionally go over the 1Gig I was being offered. I also told him that my quick calculations showed that the postpaid plan would cost me more money per year than prepaid. What I found frustrating is that the telemarketer kept insisting he could give me a plan that would save me money. Trying to convince me that I should be on a plan was no fun while I was trying to politely tell him his offer was useless for me. Someone else without a calculator and access to their account info could not easily have determined the plan was not a good deal for them.

I did tell the telemarketer I did not want the plan over the phone, to send me a written offers by mail, that I did not want to be called again. I get the feeling I will get another call because when he introduced himself he said he was "calling on behalf of Telus" I can't remember what the marketing company's name was.
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Congratulations. You've been promoted to second tier!!!  LOL
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I strongly recommend you call Telus and request they put your number on their DO NOT CALL list. Tell them to send you promo offers by email or text but NEVER to call you as part of a marketing/promo campaign. I had to do the same thing before moving from Telus prepaid to Koodo Tab Plan