S4 or Nexus 5 which one would be a better one to go with?

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Title say's it all
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Posted 4 years ago

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Depends what you want in a phone:

Better camera: Samsung

Better storage capacity: Samsung (microSD support)

RAM: Same

Larger Battery: Samsung slightly (2600 mAh vs 2300 mAh), which doesn't necessarily mean better battery life, but generally the S4's are thought to be better.

Better processor: Nexus 5

Screen: Both are roughly the same size, generally fantastic with similar pixels per inch, different technologies though so they have their relative advantages and disadvantages in terms of brightness, colour, viewing angles, reflection etc

Nexus is pure Android whereas the S4's uses Samsung's TouchWiz UI with it's own features like smart scroll, air gestures etc and Samsung apps. It's a matter of personal preference as to which is preferred. Some people find Samsung's features useful, some find it an unnecessary use of space and feel it slows down the phone slightly. Nexus is also factory unlocked and supports more frequency bands than the S4, so it's good for travelling, particularly to the US.

Since they run pure Android, Nexus will be updated with new Android versions much quicker (immediate updates directly from Google) and probably updated for a longer period of time than the S4's.

Watch some comparison videos on YouTube or look for websites that compare the two, but make sure you pay attention to what version of the S4 is being used. You need the North American version (AT&T in the US, SGH-i337) as the international version is different.
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ANDROID FTW - S4 vs Nexus 5!!!

Let's talk about product choice!


-Smart OS that can smart task, eye scrolling, air gestures etc
-13MP Camera
-A UI that can be geared towards your needs and works the way you want.
-Health Apps, Book Stores, Video Stores and SAMSUNG Enriched content

NEXUS 5 - 500 OUTRIGHT or 349 @Google Play Store

-An empty phone that you fill up based on your needs
-Receives latest updates from Google
-Easily able to install Custom software, easily able to modify the internals

It really all depends on how you personally will use the phone, from watching movies to capturing pictures. I love my S4 because its Samsung flagship feature phone. It will receive the latest updates from Samsung. It has neat features that Im constantly using.

Your Choice!!!! Good Luck

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I won't agree with updates portion. Let's not forget what has happened to Samsung Nexus X (Nexus i9250) owners primarily Play Store models. I had my model purchased directly from Google in hopes that I won't be left hanging as I was with LG Optimus X2. But other then OTA update for Android 4.2.1 there where never any other update officially pushed, not to mention the image files for 4.4 Yakju have been around on Android Developers archive for a while.

Now when getting any Android based phone, you always have to bite the bullet and be sure not to have a break down, when you realize you ain't getting an update. Which happens to majority of Android powered devices, not excluding flagship phones.

Samsung released a 4.2 update for the S3 line few months back, and HTC is thinking of possibly releasing 4.4 for One X line. But as mentioned Google has a track record of abandoning Play Store owned devices. Like it did with Nexus X, which no matter the petitions signed will not be getting official 4.4 update.

See I personally did not wait for Google (Samsung) or LG to ever release updates. I simply rooted/unlocked bootloader and flashed custom recovery along with updated Android build, as of now my Nexus X is powered by stock 4.3.

With all of that said, please don't make false impression that "flagships" get any more love from Google or it's OEM then not so popular phones, because there are certain companies that care more then all current OEM's and Google. And if your wondering who? Well its Oppo. They release features based on community suggestions and release updates (small updates) every 2-3 weeks.
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What exactly is a Nexus X ? Do you mean the Nexus device made by Samsung called the Galaxy Nexus or GNex as its commonly known by ?
As I've stated below Google has made a statement awhile ago that it will update their Nexus devices for 18 months which is the same as other major manufacturers, so don't know why your holding a grudge about the GNex which is over that 18 month mark and the reason it wasn't updated.
Nexus devices will be updated always first before any other manufacturer which is the advantage of buying a Nexus device. It will also have the most unofficial updates of any device available for years after the 18month mark Google has guaranteed to officially update their Nexus devices.
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It depends on what you value. In terms of raw speed and quickness, the n5 wins hands down. That's the main thing I love about the nexus 5. This thing is so damn fast that it never lags and stuff opens instantly.

Camera is decent, but s4 might win that, not sure. I shoot in hdr+ mode 24/7 cause I can't get decent pics with normal mode in things like room lighting or low light, so hdr+ makes those low light pics turn out decent at least.

Battery is just average on the n5. Not sure how it compares to the s4.

N5 is pure android and bare bones, so you'll need to download apps if you find things missing. Like when you pull down the menu from the top, it's completely blank unlike a samsung phone. I got an app to add things in like wifi shortcut, auto rotate, vibration on/off, etc.

Personally, I love my n5 and wouldn't trade it for an s4 especially with the s5 coming out.
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The S5 will be announced in just over a week so I'd wait and see just what Samsung has in store for us this year.
Koodo announced that they would be carrying the S4 right on the same day it was announced to the world last year, so I'm sure they'll be doing the same again this year and be one of the first to carry it when its first launched in Canada like with the S4.

If you really don't want to wait then like the others said its dependent on what's important to you. I have both the S4 and Nexus 5 right now and both have things that make me love each.
The only thing I miss about the S4 when I'm using the Nexus 5 is the IR Blaster for controlling your TV, Cable Box ect. Other than that I can happily use either so neither is a bad decision.
If you specify what are the main uses of a smartphone for you then it would be easier to recommend one over the other though.
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Both N5 and S4 are similar devices hardware wise. With minor differences here and there.

N5 - True HD IPS+ (16M colors, 445ppi, 4.95", Gorilla Glass 3)
S4 - Super AMOLED (16M colors, 441ppi, 5", Gorilla Glass 3)

N5 - 16,32GB (non Expendable Storage)
S4 - 16,32,64GB (microSD Expendable up-to 64GB) *MicroSD are very cheap this days*
WINNER - S4 (Expendable storage is cheap this days)

N5 - Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP
S4 - Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, EDR, LE

N5 - Back camera, 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash + video 1080p@30fps
S4 - Back camera 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, image stabilization + video 1080@30fps with dual-video rec
WINNER - Tie (there isn't major difference between 13MP and 8MP, nor is video truly HD with both devices)

N5 - Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 + 2GB RAM
S4 - Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 + 2GB RAM

N5 - Video Codecs MP4/H.264/H.263
S4 - Video Codecs MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263
WINNER - S4 (Allot of N5 users are disappointed with poor Codecs selection)

N5 - Audio Codecs MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3
WINNER - S4 (Shame N5 does nor support FLAC)

N5 - 2300 mAh (17h talk time)
S4 - 2600 mAh (17h talk time)
WINNER - S4 (N5 has a very poor web browsing battery life of 3.4h + non removable battery or back case)

In the end S4 wins over N5. But its upto the user to choose. No matter how much I loved Nexus line of phones they all had poor battery life including Nexus 4 and mediocre speaker and sound quality. This is the same with Nexus 5 with mediocre speakers which are mono and poor sound quality, as well as limited video codecs and audio codecs support. Also fact that its non expendable and non back cover removable makes me dough the phone quite alot. Sure its cheaper then S4, but I still would not get it even so I am myself am a Nexus X owner which I had to root and flash to get latest Android.

But again choice is yours if you want to be able to expand your storage and have longer web browsing time I would go with the S4, if you want updates which you may not get in the end then feel free to get N5. Trust me Google abandoned allot of Nexus X developers and owners by not releasing 4.4, blaming it on Texas Instruments who manufactured the CPU of the Nexus X.

Hope this helped. Cheers mate.
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Google have made a claim to only update Nexus devices for 18 months from the time of release so it has nothing to do with them abandoning it out if nowhere.
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I plan on using it for Browsing and Video recording since I am a youtuber and also Video editing on the go.
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It all depends on the price. They are two "similar" phones for your need. If price isn't a problem then go with the S4, or at least wait for the S5 to be announced and S4's price to go down!
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If your wanting a phone to make and edit video I wouldn't go with any Android device. I've been looking for some quality video editing apps on Android for the last couple years and nobody makes anything above a very basic cut and stitch app which when stitching they have to be the exact same format which is ridiculous IMO. If you want something amazing for filming and editing on the go then definitely get the iPhone 5s.
I know some ppl will be blown away that me Mr Android is recommending an iPhone but I just got the iPhone 5s just for the video editing and can easily say that nothing comes close for editing on Android and its an area Android is seriously lacking.
If your stuck on getting an Android device then definitely go with the Galaxy S4 which IMO has one of the best cameras available (other than low light shots which sent great but are decent if the night modemode preset is used). The best video editing I've found on android so far is the one built into G+ which isn't
Feature packed but best of the basic ones available.
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Well if you plan on recording videos a lot, you probably want an s4 (though I'd wait for the s5 to see what it offers) cause right now there's a video bug on the n5 that causes hissing/static in some videos. Hopefully, it's a software bug as people think and not hardware, but it's not really confirmed and google says they're looking into it. I have the hiss on my videos but it varies in loudness and the quieter the room, the louder the hiss it seems.

For me if I take a vid in a completely silent room, then there's really loud hissing and it sounds like you're in a wind tunnel. Therefore, people think it has something to do with the noise canceling mic software. I've seen some videos where people have it way worse than mine. I'm hoping google can fix this with a patch.

I don't take a huge amount of videos so the bug isn't a deal breaker for me, but probably would be for someone taking a lot of videos they plan on sharing online. Like even with my videos with the hiss, I can still clearly hear people talking, but it is annoying that it's there.



This testing vid below is exactly how my vids sound like in a quiet room.


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