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I'll be a long-time customer no more. If your usage changes unexpectedly (say, due to returning to school), you'll get no heads up that you've surpassed your minute limit. And thanks to the one-month delayed billing, you'll pay for two months of overages. The first one you noticed, and then changed your plan, and then the second one that will be added to the first bill with your new plan. And thanks to their nifty new per-minute billing and outrageous overage fees, your overages will come out to way more than the cost of your new "unlimited" plan. Then, to add insult to injury, customer service will talk to you like you're an idiot, put down the phone each time you say something they don't have a response to (you can still hear them chatting to coworkers in the background) then pretend you must have had a reception problem, refuse to let you talk to a manager, and instead direct you to a contact feature on the website that doesn't work, it just keeps refreshing. Biggest scam and worst customer service I've ever experienced. I'll be switching to Wind or Virgin the second my "tab" is up.
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First of all, it's a customers responsibility to monitor their usage and make sure they don't go over. Koodo never offered this service so you should never have expected it. There were MANY ways for you to monitor your usage, including a self-serve app available right on your phone.

And this is how billing works actually:

Billing date: 25th of every month

Jan 25 comes, you receive a bill for Jan25-Feb24 + overages from Dec 25-Jan 24 period
Feb 25 comes, you receive a bill for Feb 25-March 24 + overages from Jan 25-Feb 24 period

You aren't paying for two months of overages at the same time.

I don't agree with how you're being dealt with, but what do you expect them to do really? This is no special case (from what you wrote). You just went over your minutes and didn't like it
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You know, I mean no offense at all and this is my opinion and only mine (I don't work for Koodo), but at some point, people (me included) need to be responsible for their own actions. You mentioned your usage pattern changed unexpectedly. Well, it was unexpected from you, so there really is no way Koodo could have expected it either. They can't guess as to what subscribers will do next month. They simply sell metered access to a cellular network.

When I bought a house, I had to pay property taxes on July 1st, but since I moved in May, I had to pay 2 months proration to the previous owner (who had paid up to July 1st). Koodo also charges proration. It is not a surcharge, it is to get in line with billing dates. In fact, proration is fair because it doesn't cost you a full month service even if you were a subscriber for only 2 weeks. Then you pay for the current month. Just like you pay for the gas you put in your car before you can drive anywhere.

Koodo isn't acting differently than any other company. Yes, it's sad they removed per-second billing and people are bitter for it, but then other providers did the exact same. Overage fees are outrageous, just like anywhere else. In fact, we need reminded that we're using cellular services, which have been, historically, a luxury more than an essential service.

And so far, each time I called in, went to a kiosk or logged in here, I always saw/heard courteous employees. They might have a bad day like any of us (we're all human), but overall, I can't say bad things about them.

I really mean no offense Jess, but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. There are horror stories with every company in existence, but when you put the good ones and the bad ones together, I believe Koodo's good ones outweigh the bad ones by a large margin.

Can't speak for Wind (no service where I live), but I'll be curious what you have to say about VIrgin after you've subscribed for a couple of months.
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You'll find no difference with Virgin. It's nearly identical to Koodo in every aspect: comparable plans, comparable policies. It just has a better phone selection. You'll essentially get the same treatment with any of the major carriers.

You are not being treated unfairly. There are ways to monitor usage, be it on the website, iOS/Android app, or by calling 611. Does Visa or Mastercard let you know when you're approaching your limit? Warnings are nice, but are no substitute for diligence.

If you plan on switching to Wind, why wait for your tab to be up? The $40 Unlimited Wish plan absolutely destroys Koodo's current offers. It's only available until the end of the month. If you live in a city with good Wind coverage and either don't travel frequently or don't need data while being outside of their coverage area, there really is no competition. Their voice/text rates are quite reasonable when roaming (and US roaming is even cheaper than Canadian roaming).

A word of warning. If you're unhappy with the way Koodo customer service treated you, you'll learn what it means to be homicidal after spending some time on the phone with a Wind rep. Wind has a lot going for it, but their customer service is comparable to Rogers (most reps just have no idea what they're talking about), except nowhere near as friendly.
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Go Little birdy, fly fly away. I guarantee you'll find your way back once you realize everything you hate is standard or your own fault.
Confusha say =|> Read, learn & understand & you will have no issues
Damn was that Confusha or a fortune cookie I got last week????..... SMH Either way follow it & you will have brighter days ahead ;-)
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I've seen my friends switch from Koodo to win and a week later switch back to Koodo because Wind is horrible. I agree with everyone here, it's the customers responsibility to keep up to date with their usage. Koodo provides multiple ways of this. To not know what your usage is, well that's your fault. You knew your had more usage, thus you should have checked up on it to avoid being surprised. You can't blame Koodo for charging you the overages when you used your service more than the allotment. I don't know why some people seem to think they are entitled to having everything free with a cell phone. You don't expec this with a car/tv/house, so why are Cell phones different?
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Some don't pay their bills and are surprised when they're cut off, so I'm not really surprised when I read some people's rants. Pretty much like people shooting at repo men in the States when they come claim the $70K truck parked in front of their trailer home...
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It's reasons like all these why I'm glad I don't work with money...

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