Refer a friend login as of April 19, 2017 - How will this change how we send and receive referrals

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I am perplexed by the change that will happen on April 19th.

My understanding is that I can have up to 5 lines on a Koodo account that's over 90 days old (please correct me if I'm wrong). One customer service rep said if my credit rating is top notch, I can add a 6th line. I don't know if this is true.

Going by the rules of refer a friend, I can "refer myself", in the sense that I can refer from one line to another line on the same account, regardless of who uses the added line. Also, the $300 credit cap is "per line (subscriber)" not "per account".

If I add another line to my account, does my annual referral limit double?
Sure does! The referral credit limit of $300 per calendar year is per subscriber, so if you add another line on to your account your limit will become $600
Can I refer someone who I add on to my account?
Sure, no problem!

I'm stumped by the change:

The email address I originally registered with for the Koodo Refer-A-Friend program is the SAME email address I use to log in to my Koodo Self Serve account. How does that affect how I log in?
As of April 19, 2017, your profile will be linked to your self-serve account, and you can log in to your Refer-A-Friend profile with your Koodo Self Serve account credentials to make referrals and check your referral history.

Self-serve log in is for the entire account, not just for the line/subscriber.

How do I refer added lines to the same account?

Please help!

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Posted 1 year ago

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Howdy - referring oneself has always required a unique/different email to be associated with each phone - that won't change and won't pose any issues with redeeming a referral. If the new line then wants to send referrals in the future, they have to have their email address connected to their self-serve profile, i.e. it must be different from the first line on the account that referred them. Self-serve supports this as you can either have one email address for all lines on the account, or individual email addresses associated to each line.

Titaniumtux wants to refer Coppershorts:
- sends a referral to
- Shorts unlocks the offer and creates a profile using the Shorts email address
- Shorts activates a phone, comes back and enters the phone number - both Tux and Shorts get a credit

Coppershorts wants to refer Alluminumgown in the future, but Shorts is on the same account as Tux:
- Shorts needs to ensure that their self-serve profile is connected to and not in order for Shorts to get the credit
- If Shorts doesn't, Tux needs to grant Shorts permission either through Self Serve or through an agent on Facebook
- Once Shorts' profile on self serve is setup with, they can send out a referral to Gown, same as above

Make sense?
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Hi Ranjan,

Thank you for the thorough explanation that not a single CSR could give me. This is next level. I understood everything the moment you said that each line must be on its own self-serve login (but can still be on the same account).

I'm still laughing at the user names you've made up to spin off the one I use XD

Now to move forward, I would like to know the following...

How can I make sure that when I add a line, that it'll be associated with a separate self-serve login? You say "through self-serve". As I am currently not on facebook, I am cool with the self-serve option, but would like to know how to do that part. What's more important is to make sure that the new line goes on a separate profile at activation time. Or should I let the line activate on the same self-serve profile, then sever it after the fact?

Please let me know how to do this!

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In read-only, basically I'm logged out. I can click into a reply field and input text, then when I go to submit, I get a blank page on a new browser tab (auth.getsatisfaction...)

When I flip the web browser to desktop user agent, and I click on sign in, I get a blank white box that appears, but the login fields don't populate.

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Thats indeed strange. Have you tried the usual of clearing your cache, history and what not?
This is the screen you should get just for reference:

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Sorry for replying so late. See, I never see what Allan has uploaded from his phone.

I have both Moto X Play 2015 and Moto Z Play 2016 from Koodo, tried in Chrome browser, Opera, even Old But Gold Internet Browser which has an IE6 user agent, and still can't log into the forum on my phone.

Is there a direct link for logging into the forum without going through the main page? I'd love to contribute to the forum from my phone.

Please let me know.

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Try using your browser in desktop mode.....I'm on an iPhone right now but never had an issue with Android devices. Actually I do everything on my mobile devices, I got rid of my laptop years ago and never had issues. When I was using Android I used Firefox browser in desktop mode so you can try that possibly if you haven't yet
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Forgot to mention, I tried Firefox as well, plus I tried desktop mode in all these browsers...I figured Firefox was a worthy effort since it'd *likely* still have a different layout engine on a mobile device.