Recent experience with Koodo Kiosk agents. (Mostly the Manager)

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So, here we go again with the issues that I have had to deal with in the past three days. I am really beginning to think that Koodo has it out for me as I am usually not really helped without me having to fight tooth and nail.

Here is what has just transpired in the past three days of me owning my new Moto G.

On Friday, I went and traded in my old phone and got some credit toward the price of the Moto G. Everything went smoothly with the purchase. Which I should mention was the $150.00 No Tab price. I got $90.00 for the trade in and then payed about $67.** more for the remainder of the cost. This was the price I paid for the phone outright. Simply cause I had no other funds to be able to pay off my remaining tab to put a bigger subsidy on it.

Got the phone home and was using it then later went to do something on it again and found out that I was not able to make or receive any calls or texts. Everything on my notification bar was saying Koodo on the left hand side and the Network symbol and the signal bars were showing and full. But alas, no internet without being on WiFi and no cell service. I popped the sim out and powered it down thinking it just didn't fully register at that time yet.

Once I got the phone started again, a while later it did the same thing. I figured it might be the sim itself so I changed sims online with a spare one I had lying about. This worked for a while and then I started getting the same issues. After doing some searching online I heard that some phones had loose sims and they put a couple layers of thin tape on the back of the sim to get it to fit more snugly in the slot. I figured I would try that and it worked for a bit longer but it still had the issue.

I went back to the mall today, which was two days after the original purchase, and got an exchange at the original price I paid with the trade in. I was also given a new v3 of the Micro Sim this phone takes just in case the old sim causes the issues in the new phone.

I got the new one home and after testing it with the old sim and the new sim, no change in the issue. It is still here.

I go back tonight to do another exchange, keeping in mind that I am now looking to get a different model of phone that is still in the same price range, either the Ace 2 x or the S 2 x and I am leaning more toward the S2X due to obvious reasons, and I am then told by the agents after they called their manager that to do the exchange I would need to pay the difference between what I was originally charged and the prepaid price of the phone which is $50.** more.

I feel that this happening is a complete screwjob to me when I am trying to return an obvious defective device. I feel that if I paid a certain price for an item then I should be able to return the device and got the new phone that has the same price for the price that I originally paid.

Being sold the phone at the No TAB price and then being told that to do the exchange that I would need to pay the difference that I already paid and the Prepaid price is absolute highway robbery at the simplest form. Never should of happened. And due to this treatment, I am seriously on my last legs with Koodo and am seriously considering dropping Koodo as my cell provider for the past 5 years to go to a different company.

I just wanted to get an opinion of this matter by the community and to have Ashley or any other employee weigh in on this matter so I can find out the exact reason I was treated this way so I can tell if this is just an overreaction or if I do have merit in my decision.
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  • extremely miffed. To put it bluntly.

Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Al Robidoux, thank you again for posting on the Koodo Community. I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we are taking this seriously. I am in close contact with the shop manager and they've reassured me that they plan on exhausting every possible option for you. Have a wonderful day :)