Really disappointed with the "New Way" of Koodo

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So I have been a customer of Koodo for about 6 or 7 years. During this time I like to think Koodo and I have had a great relationship, so much so I used to tell my friends how great of a company it was.

I last got my new phone two years ago in November and was lucky enough to eventually nab that 6 gigs for 60$ plan they ran temporarily

I have not really kept much notice to the changes in rates or plans since then, just noticed the changes happening online. I went to look at maybe upgrading my iphone5S to the newer iphone6.


First, the new website I really dislike, it seems to be simplified but at the expense of transparency. I usually welcome change and though it is an attractive layout you can no longer see tab payments or find all the fine details of your plan in one place. I miss the layout and the way you could look at or change things, I get it's more user friendly but not all of us are new to computers..

I watched their new tab video and yes the plans are cheaper.. if you are a basic customer wanting basic usage.

As a 25 year old male always on the go you tend to be using your phone for streaming, browsing, posting, etc. There seems to be all these unlimited minutes flashed around as if they are giving some great deal, though the data is greatly decreased. The max gigs for the lower end plans (55$ + $15 tab) is 1gb.. isn't that kinda a move backwards? on top of that, not all phones work with the tab the same anymore!

So I want an iphone 6, when I go to look on the website, the only tab option is the largest one they offer. ($500) It has only 3 plans to choose from. First plan is $65 AND $21 tab and with, oh wow, 750gb of data! Like are we not in the year 2015? So my next, only realistic option is the second $75 plan with a $21 tab, (2 gigs) bringing me to a scary sad amount of $96, and then coughing up the $360 for the iphone 6.

Why are you trying to force customers to go for certain brands of phones? This does not sit well..
How are data plans getting more expensive and not cheaper?

Two years ago, I walked in, got half off the iphone5S, paying only $360 and you only charged me an extra $5 a month and let me keep my plan.

I will not change my 6 gig $60 plan with a $5 iphone tab for these new ridiculous options..
$100 a month for 2 gigs of data.. just.. wow.. I never once exceeded my minutes, who really does who is a non-buisness customer? (You probably wouldn't have to pay it in that case anyways)

So give us back 200 minutes a month and better data prices please!

Overall, it looks like I will be keeping an eye for a good deal at another company soon.. (Obv not telus)


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Posted 3 years ago

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Well, PM Has Great Rate Plan(s), and they're Owned by Tel Us
You get What you pay for in the end
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You mean PM HAD great rates up until a few months ago and at this time you can't even sign up with them at all, you can only be put onto a list to be a beta tester for their new system which a I've been waiting a week on with no response.

I agree that the prices of plans that are said to hav3 went down only did so for a couple weeks now they're back up past where they were before, Koodo definitely isn't winning no awards for satisfied customers anymore with those obvious tactics that we can all see but they think we're stupid or something and that their choose happy marketing fluff will distract us while they rape our wallets...... Sorry to tell them but we're not all on some feel good fairy juice and new customers are not flocking to Koodo like they once were.
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Paul as a pm user. I can tell you the wait can be anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months for an invite unfortantly. As for plans I like them I'm on the 80 dollar one which is Canada wide calling Canada text and 4g data which isn't bad plus I get discounts so by time its all said and done I pay maybe 64 bucks a month.
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So a little clarification,

Apple forces carriers to show their devices at the lowest possible price. In reality, you can buy the iPhone6 at 508$ down and pay 15$ per month x24 months. (interest free) on top of your existing plan. You can lower this by paying more for your iPhone at the Time of purchase. You do not need to change your plan at all.

Does the new way of not subsidizing phones stink? Yes. But it would appear the wireless industry may be heading in this direction. As we all know, phones aren't and were never free. So Koodo decided to stop the subsidy an the discounts and just make pricing more "transparent". This is the company Kool aid, drink up.
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I'd like to add that it was CRTC who made the Kool aid for everyone to drink, by out lawing the 3 year, "good old days"
As far as data is concerned, its a premium, as people continue to cancel TV subscriptions and replace with data intense, streaming.
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I kinda disagree, it's more like the CRTC created the flashy pouch that the Koodo Kool-aid has to fit inside.
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I'd give that 3 stars if I could :)
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If your comparing data prices to your limited time promo plan than your likely going to be disappointed no matter what comes out. You have what I would say is probably one of the best plans ever offered, so not much is going to stack up to that. At least if you get a new phone (as long as you don't get tab plus) you can keep that plan. Youll be paying the tab charge on top of it, but its still far better than any other plan on the market. And Chad nailed it as far as the iPhone being displayed at the top level of the tab. You can thank Apple for that one.
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Basically Chad answered the iPhone thing.

2 years is a long time.  A lot has changed (Steve answered that part with the CRTC wireless code stuff).

Basically compare Koodo to everyone else and you will be similarly disappointed.  It's not just Koodo, it's the market.

The good news is that you can keep your kick butt plan.  Your plan is to die for and you will never see a plan like that again for many many years.  So dont get rid of it or cancel it.  Worst case, you can prolly sell your plan for big bucks!!!!

My recommendation is to buy the phone direct from Apple (unlocked).

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