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I am a new Koodo customer. I used to have a Wi-Fi phone (because it was free) so I haven't had a SIM card in quite a long time.. Anyways, I'm on the $15 base plan with Koodo (so no data, just texting) and I (sadly) JUST figured out, to send/receive picture messages my data has to be turned on. I had a bad experience (not with Koodo, this was a long time ago) where I got charged all this money for using data that I didn't use. So I guess my question is, now that I finally figured out what's wrong with sending/receiving picture messages, I just want to make sure that since I need to have the data turned on that I'm not going to be charged for data. (I'm pretty much always connected to Wi-fi) I looked through the settings and in each app, I turned off the setting that says "Background Data: Enable usage of cellular data in the background" so that it's not enabled, and I also unchecked the box that says "Auto-switch to mobile network: Use mobile data connection when Wi-Fi signal is weak". Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that I won't get charged for data?  Are the things I did even right?  I don't really know how this all works, so if someone could explain it to me I would greatly appreciate that! 
My current phone is an HTC One M9, my location is Kamloops, BC and my plan is the pre-paid $15 base plan (unlimited texting and picture messaging).
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I wondered about that too so I called and asked why do I need to have my data on when I have a Wi-Fi connections they Koodo said it has to be turned on to send and receive pictures and that there is no extra charge. I'm not sure if that's completely true as I have 3 gigs of data so I can't be sure. Personally I use to really like Koodo, but I feel they have gotten a lil too big for their britches so to speak and do not care if their customers are happy or satified any longer, they are just like the rest of the money crabbing bastard mobile companies now. If I were you I'd go back to just using Wi-Fi.
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If you have a prepaid account, you don't need to worry about getting extra charge for data.

Your base plan includes  picture messages and your data have to be on. Koodo doesn't charge you for data usage for MMS.

If you want to use data for something else, then you will need to buy a Data Booster  :) 
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Since you're on pre-paid, you cannot be charged for data you don't fact you can't use data unless you add it. Only on post-paid can you incur "overages".

With your $15 plan, you get no data. You're free to enable data on your phone, and no data will go through on the Koodo network.

Oh, okay. I wasn't sure about that. That's a relief, thank you!
What did I tell ya Koodo couldn't give a flyin you know what if their customers are happy or satisfied with their service their motto now is.... "pay your bill and shut up."
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I'm confused by this comment. Data has to be turned on but the op won't be charged any extra charges, what is the problem with that?
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