Promotions for students?

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I know some people won't be fond of this idea because it may be considered as unfair for some. That being said, some carriers, such as Videotron, tries to offer appealing promotions for students. It's a matter of keeping Koodo attractive and competitive for students compared to other carriers.
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Not being a student, I personally am very happy that Koodo does not make different plans for different groups - it's bad enough they have regional plans... They should make a 'women-only' plan though :D

They do have a SIM Only promotion now, which might be great for students: 200 minutes and 800 MB for $45, along with all the usual perks such as unlimited 5pm/weekend calling, text messaging etc :)
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I want a "vegetarian only" plan.
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I'm in for the "Obese only" plan with included gym membership... you know, Koodo's old motto "fat-free mobility" :oP
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I understand your point and that's probably a reason why some carriers don't offer such deals along with the fact that it would mean to give more to (at least some) customers. Personally, I wouldn't mind a plan offered to some people that's considering their situation. In the case of full-time students, their financial situation generally isn't the same than the one of full-time workers. In my opinion, I'd be glad to enjoy a student-only rebate during my Ph.D. and would then be glad for students once I'll be done with my degree.

I never really understood the appeal of the SIM Only promo, considering that if you have your own phone you can have 10% off the 50$ plan (unlimited minutes and 1 GB of data), so 45$ also (if you're in Quebec at least).
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Hehe, yes, understand your points and they are very valid :)

As for the SIM Only promo, imo that is just a marketing gimmick because you can have 10% off any plan in any province. You can also opt to get this promo with a Tab, obviously you pay $50 in that case.
Funny enough for the exact same amount of money you can have their regular $50 plan: 750 minutes and 750 MB in most provinces... which is probably the better deal but not everybody is that skilled in comparing :D
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I know students have limited finances, but a cell phone is a little bit of a luxury. I don't think carriers should have to drop their pants to get them great deals.

The current plans are good enough. The plans under $40 are plenty good enough for a student to communicate. Most schools offer very good WiFi and computer/Internet access on campus so data isn't as necessary either. You could start using Skype or other VoIP apps like Fongo if you need a lot of talk time.
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I'm a student and I would always appreciate promotions for students as it really does help out to those who are in school and managing money. However, I think they aren't many promotions and such because there's really no competition between carriers in Canada. They all seem to have pretty similar plans and coverage except for those special ones like WIND, etc. so they don't seem to feel the need to compete for pricing, etc.
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Hi Tomislav,

We want to be fair and allow everyone to choose any plans they wish (without being in any category).  A few months ago, we did a focus group and found that customers who are bringing
their own phone value data over minutes at an affordable price.  We then introduced our Canada-wide data plans which are geared towards budget conscious folks who were looking for a low voice and
higher data option. Click here to check it out:

Also, as Sophia mentioned, we have a SIM Only promotion now which might peak your interest! :)

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