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I am very pleased that Koodo allows existing customers to switch their plans to current promotional plans, rather than restricting it to new customers only. This was my biggest pet-peeve with other carriers. You are giving them business already and they can't even give you a good deal? I always viewed this concept as outrageous and I am very happy that Koodo appreciates all of our business enough to pay us back whenever they can!

Thanks Koodo :)
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Posted 6 years ago

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It is nice indeed and one of the major selling points of Koodo's.

Then again, other providers do have a point: When you sign up there, you get a "subsidized" handset, they charge you less or nothing for the handset upfront. Then, they recoup that cost plus interest plus plus plus through the profit margin throughout your contract period. This is the basis for the calculation of the subsidy. If you change your plan to a better one, e.g. lowering the profit margin, the whole calculation is thrown over board.

There is a shiny gadget you get for cheap, in return you commit to sticking with them for 3 years at a certain (high) price. This is a contract and its not OK to just change that because you feel like it.

Canadians must stop taking the shiny bait and start looking at the bottom line. THIS will drive the overall cost down for everybody, although there might be less "subsidies" on new phones.

Koodo is not subsidzing (except the overpriced iPhone for which you have to sign a multi-year contract). They have the Tab, and if you lower your payments it will take you longer to get your Tab balanced. I think it is the better and more transparent system. The downside is that a lot of people don't understand it, which leaves room for sleazy competitor salesmen to badmouth it. I've had a Mobilicity guy telling me that the Tab is "worse than a contract". Yeah, sure.

Another positive effect of Koodo's "plan change" flexibility is the reduction of churn. Koodo customers have less incentive to switch to a competitor if they can get the same deal here. If Koodo was not flexible, more people would switch providers every year. And that would be costly for Koodo.
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Koodo rocks my friends, koodo rocks.

OMG tab = worse than a contract? I don't even.... I could write a full blown essay on why that's just silly, but I'll hold back. Thanks for the laugh, can't believe that was suggested.
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Hate to be the bad guy here, but sometimes the tab isn't a great way to go. Less so with Koodo than VIM, because people make the mistake of taking a high tab with a low end plan, meaning it will take wayy longer than 3 years to pay it off. It does provide great flexibility though!
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but a lot of phones require data which is expensive without a plan. koodo has most of their current plans with data - anyway u look at it u are getting rewarded for being with koodo
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Hi Brad, thanks for your feedback! We are glad to read that you are enjoying one of our promo plan :) Have great holidays!

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