Prepaid plans are priced terribly

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You should have your prepaid plans priced out the same as month to month plans. My prepaid plan is 25$ and i only get unlimited text and calling after 7. While my brothers month to month is $35 and he has a few undred minutes , unlimted texting and free calling after 5 and on weekends.
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Lukian Machula

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Posted 5 years ago

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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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You are comparing two different types of services. Prepaid vs Postpaid.....

Since the suggestion is to have similar prices, you might as well go Pospaid
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I disagree that it's comparing two different types of service and think of is as comparing payment methods. Jonathan makes an excellent point below so I don't need to repeat that. Lukian may not have the option to go postpaid.

That being said. I do have a suggestion for Lukian for future posting as nothing can really come out of this post. In the future please aim to post concrete ideas that could possibly get implemented (even if they're wishful thinking). This is merely a complaint about dissatisfaction with prepaid price (vs. postpaid) without further suggestion.

Are you asking for price parity?
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^Star :P
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Prepaid is nice if you're credit challenged, underage, or have minimal talk + data usage (since boosters don't expire until they're all used up, which is actually pretty sweet).

Postpaid does give you a bit more for your dollar and a subsidized phone...
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$15 base plan plus $25 for a 500 minute booster gives you 100 minutes a month for 5 months at an average price of $20 a month and includes unlimited messaging, call display and voicemail. Seems pretty much on par to me.
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I completely agree with Timo. Also your comparing to a grandfathered postpaid plan are you not? Prepaid is better than postpaid plans right now in alot of cases, that's why a bunch of ppl on here regularly choose prepaid over going postpaid.
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Prepaid allows nearly anyone the option to have a phone based on no credit check, age requirement.Your phone is yours, and you can choose to activate, deactivate and add-on whenever/whatever you want. If you're using it on a constant basis and if its affordable to you your option could be to head to a koodo kiosk or mobile shop and activate your phone with koodo on a postpaid agreement. You won't have to worry about a tab as you're still using the same phone and still paying monthly.
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The difference wouldn't be QUITE so dreadful if at least the unlimited features on the prepaid plans were nationwide instead of local... as it is now, I don't even know why they are offered. Anything above the $15 base plan is absolutely worthless, in my opinion... I pity the ones with no credit who are forced to get one of those :D

That said, as most people here know, I absolutely adore the rest of prepaid!
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I approve of this!
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Yes, that base plan with acts like a build-your-own starter kit, given the rollover for the boosters - very unlike an evil telco!

It would be fascinating to have some data on the average usage of various plans. You can simulate the $40 plan with $31 prepaid (assuming the big boosters): $15 + $10 for the 200 minutes + $6 for the 200MB. That values the unlimited 5pm evening and weekends at 180 minutes for a breakeven point.

The prepaid actually has additional value, since you can take those 180 minutes anytime, and because the data is actual use, not monthly max. If you average close to the 200MB you are likely to go over occasionally, for a $5 penalty; if you average substantially less then the prepaid gains another buck or two.

Even heavy data users (approaching 1 gig) comparing to the $60 plan can get around 300 minutes at breakeven. And prepaid allows for variability - I can imagine being a moderate data user, jumping to much higher use when travelling, for instance.

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