Pre-Authorized Payment and your FIRST bill

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I'd like to suggest a minor revision to the pre-authorized payment description in the Self-Serve and Help sections respectively. This only pertains to those that are paying their Koodo phone bill for the first time and are thinking of choosing pre-authorized payment.

Pre-authorized payment should not be considered an option when paying your first bill, because "it may take one full bill cycle before the changes to your pre-authorized payments take effect". A number of community members and Koodo employees have stressed the importance of paying your first bill 'manually' with either a credit card or online banking or a method other than pre-authorized payment.

The problem is that the explanation in the Help/Faq is located in, of all places, the Spending Limit Faq. It should be located under Managing My Bill/Payment Options/Faq. The description is vague at best. The link that's provided simply takes you to the Self-Serve login page and that's about it. There are no explicit warnings or explanations that would deter a first time bill payer from choosing pre-authorized payment.

Granted, once you navigate to the pre-authorized payment page in Self-Serve, there are 'messages' regarding the 'one full bill cycle before the changes to your pre-authorized payments take effect'. Again, the message is unclear and doesn't specify or warn first time bill payers that they should avoid this option.

I think that if your first phone bill cannot be paid using the pre-authorized payment, it would make sense to include a brief yet detailed explanation in the Help section, under Managing My Bill - Payment Options and in Self-Serve under Billing/Pre-Authorized Payment, for future reference and to avoid any confusion. The proposed revision could look something like this:

"Just a heads up... it may take one full bill cycle before the changes to your pre-authorized payments take effect. If this is your first bill, please choose a different method of payment (i.e. credit card, online banking). Note: online banking transactions can take between three to five business days process".

Or something along those lines.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Good idea. My parents just switched carriers and I made sure to point this out to them as they could've missed their first payment by accident.
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I had the same question when I first did pre-auth. And I have noticed lots of people asking the same.

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I was under the impression that if you set up pre-authorized payments before your first bill is calculated that they would start on that bill.

People usually get a few days after activation before the first bill is generated (sometimes many days. Oh, the horrors of 20+ days worth of proration) so they should be able to set up pre-authorized payments before then. So it's technically a viable option to pay the first bill.

But yeah, If ever I'm asked to set up pre-authorized credit card payments for a customer I stress that they start the next bill so I also ask to make a credit card payment with me at the same time.
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That's precisely what happened when I signed up for pre-authorized. Others clearly say otherwise, I'm not doubting them, just sayin'. Payment came out the same day. So the amount of proration or lack thereof, dictates when pre-authorized payment will come into effect. Great points btw.
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Actually, you can even set up pre-authoized payments during the activation process. I've done a few activations myself and I always ask the customer if they'd prefer that. I'm sure that'd make the first bill be paid automatically.

But I think the dealers are under a lot of pressure to complete the activation quickly if it's a busy day, so they skip or half-ass steps like pre-authorized payments and the like.

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