What happens to my Positive Balance if I switch to a new plan?

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I understand that i can accumulate positive balance on my current plan ($50 - 1000 minutes, 1 GB plan) once my tab reaches 0 and i continue to pay off my bill.

I also understand that once i have no tab, i can switch to the new plan ($45 for unlimited minutes and 1 GB data) and not before that.

However, it is not clear to me if my positive tab will continue to accumulate if i switch plans (even if i don't get a new phone on a tab), or if switching will effectively just prevent me from accumulating the tab moving forward.

Can anyone please clarify.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Once you switch plans, no more positive tab
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BUT!! You can use your positive tab towards purchase of a new phone
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hmm.. so whether i change to the new plan (45$) or keep my old $50 plan and earn 10% in positive balance every month is an irrelevant fact because at the end of the day the net difference is the same.

The additional $5 will just go towards a new phone when i buy one.

Thanks everyone.
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There are two differences, Naveed.

If you stay with your current plan you will continue to pay $50 (plus HST=$56.50) but get a $5 tab credit each month. However that credit can only be used to buy a phone from Koodo. If you don't like the selection of phones available at Koodo, you're stuck.

If you switch to the slightly better plan (unlimited minutes), you will pay only $45 + HST = $50.85. Your monthly outlay will be less and the money you save can be used for whatever you want and is available immediately, not banked for a future purchase at Koodo.

Note that the $45 plan promo expires May 3rd and if you want to switch to that plan you must phone customer service to a) pay off your tab balance and b) switch to the new plan).

If you have more than a few dollars owning on your tab, it is worth your while to stay with your current plan until you've paid it off. As Bell, Rogers and Telus step up the competition to hang onto their customers emerging from 2 and 3 year contracts, there should be lots of promos coming up that Koodo will have to match. I don't think this short-term promo offered until May 3 will be the last good promo offered this spring/summer.

But if you would just like a lower bill, don't have an intention to replace your phone immediately with another from the Koodo lineup, switching to the newer plan is probably best, if your tab is almost paid off.
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You bring up some excellent points. I was thinking along the same lines. However the only thing is if you bring in an unlocked phone to koodo, you're paying for unlocked fees and that can cost some $$ on its own.

Overall you're bang on with what i was thinking. thanks!
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non of this really answers what happens to a positive TAB BALANCE when you make the switch to a new plan.

I have $150 in POSITIVE TAB and I want to know what happens to that $150 when I make the switch. I already have a good phone that I owe nothing on and is unlocked. so....what now?

or do I just get have $150 taken from me that I've paid into that I will never get back once I upgrade plans??

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You already asked this question nearly half a hour ago in your own topic. If my answer wasn't to your satisfaction or it didn't answer everything you wanted to know, you could always ask for clarification or more details rather than posting it again in an old thread.
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I know I already asked this. I'm looking for answers everywhere possible because typically I haven't had speedy responses so I need to make my question known in more then simply one spot. your answer was satisfactory. but you answered it after I had already asked on this thread aswell.

thanks for coming out though

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