Please add Chrome to your list of supported browsers

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I have used the Chrome browser with the prepaid self service since August (on Windows 7, 8, Chromebook and various Android phones) and never have I run into trouble.

I think you can safely add to your page here https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile....

Note: This site is best viewed on Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome 26 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 3 and above. For the best experience, enable cookies and JavaScript on your browser.

After all, it is becoming the most used browser so you're behind the times if you don't support it :P
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Posted 5 years ago

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Now with Google Chrome OS (a Linux-based operating system) it works with any web applications, only problem is that google has lot of control on that apps, it keeps all history on their server.
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I'm reading this on my chromebook ;)
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Funny enough, so am I :D
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Moto G is stock Chrome and never a problem.
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They were talking about the Chrome browser for desktop computers Stephen, not the one on Android.
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My knowledge in terms of web programming is admittedly limited (not being a webmaster, you see) but to my understanding the reason that Koodo's website is best viewed using IE and Firefox is because the industry standard for web programming are Windows based programs.

As a result the hypertext and html5 and all those other fancy internet words that us laypeople don't understand are preconfigured with little codes that only Microsoft browsers can read. Firefox can read them for reasons I can't explain with certainty(but it might have something to do with Mozilla not being a competitor) so both Firefox and Internet Explorer are preferred.

Basically every company is trying to neuter each other when it comes to the internet.

But in my experience, Chrome and Safari are only an issue when registering or changing the password.
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Chrome is a windows based program, in fact it's multi-platform: Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac, and Mobile. Firefox is too. It's not the windows support per se. IE and Firefox traditionally have been the only two significant browser, market share wise, that's why they're the only two listed. Chrome since then has ate up some market share, it, functionally, is no different as far as rendering HTML/javascript... and CSS.

Second, clearly you don't understand HTML5. That's not a bad thing, for most users they don't care about it. However, to explain in layman's terms, HTML5 is a new (but unfinished) web standard, that specifically supports video, audio and interactive content (among other things) and Chrome and Firefox fully supports, and has supported much longer than Microsoft's Internet Explorer ever has.

Third, Chrome and Safari has no issues with registering/changing password, at least for me. I've never used Safari very much, but Chrome works perfect for me.

Just because the website says supported browsers doesn't mean other browsers don't work. The whole reason the whole slew of devices with weird browsers work on them is because of standards, and chrome is no exception. So adding Chrome to the list means absolutely no change to the HTML/JS/CSS source at all, it's just a matter of listing it.

IMO, I think they should just remove the list all together. Assuming they follow the HTML standard (for the most part) browsers will support the site. Any browser that does not is an inferior browser, it's not the websites fault.
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Great thanks bringing this up, Sophia. I'll have an update for you soon.
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It seems bizarre to me that koodo wouldn't support chrome for self-serve, I've had plenty of problems using your website recently with chrome.
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I've never had any issues with Chrome on Self Serve, but do agree with Sophia.
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The Chrome 26 is kind of useless in my opinion. Google releases a new version every 6 weeks, like a rolling release, and Chrome auto-updates all the time in the background unlike the other browsers (I'm on 31 atm), the percent of users even on Chrome 26 at this point is very small, thus, I'd say just put "Chrome", without the version number, or even better, just remove the browser support tag all together. If the browser supports HTML/JS/CSS, then it will work on this site certainly.
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I can never keep track of what Chrome version my desktop is for this precise reason.

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