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I have limited data, because I am on a budget. I get 50MB of data per month and I find that that is enough for me. However, I do like to take advantage of free WIFI wherever I am. I find that the Koodo network is not the greatest at picking up free WIFI in any given area.

Maybe it's my phone, but it doesn't connect automatically. Even when I need to login to a free network, the web browser takes forever and I'm often unable to access the WIFI. I am not able to it seamlessly. I never had this problem when I was with Bell. If I am in a mall for example, which had free WIFI, my phone would automatically pick it up and I would instantly be able to use it (often without needing to login). With koodo, I'm unable to use it instantly. I usually have to play around with the WIFI networks, settings, and web browser. This takes forever and is a challenge in itself.

It would be great if accessing WIFI anywhere was more seamless and less of a chore. Again, maybe it's my phone and how it works (Moto G). But with Bell I used to had a dinosaur phone (Palm Pre) and I was able to use WIFI with no problem. Please consider this problem or if anyone has feedback about this, would appreciate the help or any tips!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Koodo has absolutely nothing to do with the wifi connection of the phone. If the phone can't pick up the free wifi this is not Koodo's fault and they can't do anything about it. Maybe check if you're near the connection and try again. This is why most of the time connections won't get establishes. Because you are too far.
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Robert is right. It's not the network, it's a phone.
Also when you use a public wifi (shopping mall or library..etc), sometimes it is difficult to pick up a good signal.
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Bell, being a premium carrier partnered with, and provided connectivity in, a large number of locations such as malls, coffee shops, burger joints, etc. As a Bell customer you could easily avail of this service, and it promoted other Bell services, such as their internet, cable, and landline services. Shaw similarly offers easy Wi-Fi connectivity for their customers in the locations where they have partnered for service with their Shaw To Go service. With Shaw, you login to a remote access point as though you were home.

Koodo is a discount brand, offering only cellular service at bargain prices. As they don't have a wireline network to do the internet connectivity, they would have to buy it from someone else, increasing the prices to all users.

If you want seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, you would need to find a carrier providing it, or if you live in western Canada, become a Shaw customer to access their product. Otherwise, you will need to connect individually to each Wi-Fi network you access.

To quote Robert Heinlein: TANSTAAFL
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If you've set your Moto G to 'avoid poor connections', this will filter out the weakest of Wi-Fi signals and the device will only connect to the strongest signals available. The option to 'avoid poor connections' is a setting located within the Wi-Fi app itself and can be invoked by pressing the three dots (menu) and selecting Advanced and de-selecting the option, if enabled.
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Also turn off Wifi Optimization as it can interfere with Wi-Fi signal acquisitions.
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I have zero problems connecting to wi-fi ever. My phone automatically picks up any signal whenever one is available. As other said it may have to do more with your phone or its setting than anything else.
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Settings => Wi-Fi => Will list all available networks. Takes about 3 seconds when you park the car or enter the mall.

I'm sure someone on Google play has a widget for this to cut the time in half.

Bell and Telus/Koodo use the same network, so it's not a provider issue.

With all the emphasis being placed on data security nowadays, I would rather be forced to log in to a network rather than have one automatically invade my space without asking me. Just my opinion.

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