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Over the recent years, cellphone use has been on the rise. Payphone booths are disappearing, as well as landlines. Many senior citizens do want to integrate into this industry, however they feel their needs are not being met. Many are just looking for basic Canada-Wide minutes, as well as a few add-ons such as voicemail, call-display, minimal texting, etc.

As an employee of Koodo, I see many seniors being scared away from our plans and lack of phone selection. I feel that if we bring in a specific line for senior citizens, we could bring more foot traffic and more happy customers. Phones simliar to the Doro (Rogers is a carrier), and senior specific plans (which could range from just 'Emergency use' to basic minute+text+data) would be a huge seller.
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Would Koodo really want to target seniors? Don't "emergency users" spend significantly less on cellphones? Plus, doesn't koodo's prepaid service already an alternative for those seeking a low cost low use service?
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Excellent idea! Seniors have served us all and brought us to where we are. Now it is our turn to do for them whatever we can! They deserve focus plan to let them be in the communication with loved ones and carers with minimum possible cost.
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Hence prepaid
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Agreed! And most seniors I know that have cellphones are already on prepaid, so no problem there. Another fun fact: it's amazing how seniors MUCH prefer to buy out a phone (a flip, mind you, but that is not the point) and get the lowest possible bill rather than get a free phone and higher bill like the younger crowd. They're on to something :P
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My 90 yr old mom has a cell phone...
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This opinion may give me some negative press, but understand that I am doing this from a logical & respectful mannerr.

Today's cell phones are too much for a Senior Citizen. In that, the phones tend to be way more advanced than what the person may not be able to understand. Today's generation of Senoir Citizen will just want a plain flip phone for just calling and maybe light texting. You aren't going to find Senior Citizen Geeks until some 50+ years from now, where we are knowledgable about electronics. That's not to say that a Senior Citizen now can't take the time to read, but it's a matter of whether they have the capability of understanding.

While plans aimed at Senior Citizens may seem like a good idea, it's not. Koodo's target audience has never been the older crowd. Their target audience is 18-35(roughly). Those users are going to be the ones that get the higher plans & essentially, make Koodo money. Senior Citizens are on a fixed budget and can't afford the $50+ rate plans. So it's smart business sense to not make the Senior Citizens centric plans.

The blame can also be put onto the manufacturers. Try finding a basic flip phone nowadays, you really can't.

As already mentioned, PrePaid would be the best way to go.
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The only thing I'd add to Marcus comment is that, for some seniors, it's not a matter of not being able to understand smartphones. Let's not forget that generation sent men to the Moon. It's more a matter of wanting to, or making it worth their while to become familiar with smartphones. Most just don't see the point about social networks and being reacheable 24/7, and understandbly so. They do not see any benefit to it. So, they don't spend the money on it, and they don't spend what time they have left using (or trying to) something they see no benefit into.

Anyway, if my grandma was still around, I'd much rather help her with anything she wants, but her smartphone? With the patience I'm known for, it'd be ugly fast :-P
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Not all seniors are in the category mentioned by Marcus Fenix..or Topper CNC
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Yeah good point, I get that some seniors, maybe most, aren't bothered at all to have a smartphone, or might be turned off by the learning curve, but it certainly isn't fair to lump them all into that category. Like Topper said, people in that age group have done some pretty remarkable things with technology, my grandfather worked for IBM for years before retiring, and even at the ripe old age of 88 he's rocking a smartphone and has more gadgets then he knows what to do with.

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