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Hi there,

Does anyone know what I can do if my phone tab still hasn't been paid off (I've had my phone for a bit over a year), but I would like to renew my phone and get another one since it stopped working properly? Can koodo give me any credit towards my tab given that this phone is not working as desired?

Thank you!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Caro,

Unfortunately if something is wrong with the phone, the only thing you can do is have it repaired if it is still under warranty. You won't get a partial refund I'm afraid...

As for getting a new phone, certainly you can! You will need to pay off your current Tab and then buy a new one on a new Tab :)
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If you want a new phone on a new Tab you can pay off the amount owing and have it applied to your next bill.

Koodo takes no responsibility for your phone, so regardless of its operating status Koodo is not obligated to credit your Tab.
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You can pay off your tab towards your next bill through self serve, customer service or at a store or explain your situation to Koodo and they might provide you a goodwill credit towards your tab. I am not making any promises but it is worth a try.
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If you bought your phone with a gold or platinum credit card, your credit card issuing company will extend your warranty for another year (so in effect it becomes a 2-year warranty), and repairing it will be free, but you have to contact the issuer of the card to find out how to avail this.

Alternatively, you can try to do a "hard reset" on your phone or try to upgrade the firmware. What phone do you have?
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The OP mentioned in another thread that she bought the Samsung Galaxy S II X:

which isn't a $0 phone after tab, so she did spend some money on it. The credit card companies don't care how much you spent on something, but that you used their card, and the extended warranty is still valid.

Her bill from the store will show activation fee and phone, which is what she needs to fax to the warranty company in the terms part of her credit card, if indeed it was a gold or platinum card, to get the extended warranty covered.

Unless she meant the Ace 2 ii x, which is a different phone altogether, but if she paid an activation fee or what not and it included the phone, still valid.

OP, if you did get the S phone and not the Ace, here's a link that might help:
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2. Extended Warranty Benefits
In effect when You charge the full cost of covered personal items to
Your Account.

Coverage Eligibility
The following benefits apply when You charge the full Purchase Price of Personal Property or Gift items to Your Account

a) Coverage – The Extended Protection feature automatically, without
registration, provides Cardholders with double the term of the Manufacturer’s
Warranty up to a maximum of one additional full year commencing immediately
following the expiry of the applicable Manufacturer’s Warranty on most items
purchased in Canada, the United States or worldwide when the full Purchase Price is charged to the Card and the original Manufacturer’s Warranty is honoured in Canada or the United States.
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That *full* part refers to when, in instances where people pay for an invoice partly with a credit card and partly with another method, such as another credit card, debit card, cash, etc.

Example: You get a bill for $150. you ask the merchant to take $50 from your credit card, and $100 from your debit card. You didn't pay in *full* with the credit card, so the extended warranty is not given to you after your existing warranty expires.

Some reps who handle your claim won't care that you got a subsided phone and technically didn't pay in full and will OK your claim, although this practice is treading on murky water, so to speak.

If you want to be 100% covered with the extended warranty with no doubts in the future, the proper practice is to pay your monthly subscription with the same credit card to be assured of the warranty. This is 100% legal and the proper practice.

(see the part headlined: "Extended warranty for iPhone?")
(see "Perk 5")

Although the links above are American, they apply in Canada as well.
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I'm not convinced.

The first link states:
"That being said, I still wouldn’t bank on it because technically you are not paying for the iPhone in full since the price is subsidized by the cell phone company. You’re typically only paying $100 to $200 for it when it costs around $500 or $600. Even though you would only be claiming the price you paid, like $200, I could still see this as potentially being an issue since technically you didn’t pay for the entire purchase using your credit card."

And I have not ward of any Canadian credit card offering Perk 5.

However regardless I would still give it a try. Doesn't hurt. I just wouldn't be banking fully on it
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If you do have one of these gold/platinum/black cards, you can call the card's warranty company found in the folded white terms sheet that came with your card and inquire as to what needs to be done to have the warranty extended to you.

Although most credit card companies follow similar policies, some may have certain best practices and terms you must follow in order for you to be able to avail to the extended warranty.

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