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I buy samsung note 2 in january 2014 and now in februrary koodo had dropped price to 100$ but they are not giving discount or adjust the tab to old customers. My phone get depricated 100 $ in one month.Koodo should change his policy to give benefit to old customers also.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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Nobody gives a extended price protection beyond their return period on anything else you purchase in the world why would cell carriers. You have 15 day price protection basically as that is Koodo return period and that will never change IMO.Prices will always reduce on smart phones and if you care about the price then everyone knows to wait and the price will drop after awhile. You purchased it for the released price on Koodo so you accepted to pay that price the phone was going for. Considering other carriers are selling the Note 2 for $700 + tax still I'd just be happy you are on a carrier that offered the phone for only $500.
For the next smartphone purchase if your concerned about the price you should watch the price because the price will always drop as the device becomes older in the lineup of the carrier.
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Paul's right; the carrier isn't obligated to do anything past 15 days. Also:

I want you to go to your local grocery store, Best Buy/Future Shop, Wal Mart, etc. and look at their flyer. Those are called sales. That means it is a temporary (sometimes it's permanent!) price drop offered for a product or service to clear out overstock/soon to be discontinued items, appealing to a holiday, event, etc. or maybe... they just feel like it.

In most circumstances, the flyer will also state when those advertised prices are no longer in effect so it's best to get sales when they're offered.

I guess the Note II is having a sale. The price may go back up or it may stay that way forever. Who knows? Nobody can say. Even people who work at phone places have no idea until the morning of and some time of the year due to competition, I've gotten price updates in the middle of the afternoon!

It's rather unfortunate that this happened, but the phone's been available on Koodo for a few months already. It's not like it came out 2 weeks ago and it suddenly dropped in price.

Sorry, man. Tough luck.
I am talking about benefit not only give to new customer but also share with old customer who buy recently may be one or two that no body feel as u say hard luck.
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Chris Petersens

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This will never happen outside of the 15 return period. Otherwise, you would get discount on computers, all electronics that reguraly drop in prices. Hey, if mill goes on sale 2 days after I bought mine do I get a price match? No.
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Consider posting as an idea if you'd like to see a price protection beyond 15 days.
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Rocky Balboa

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I don't see this happening maybe they would lose revenue if they did this?
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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I'd say about 30 days would be a healthy alternative.
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Mayumi, Mobile Master

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I guess the point is; when you draw the line...
There are 15 days of price protection. If you allow to get money back or price adjustments on 16th day, why not on 17th day or 18thday and so on...
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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No matter what the issue is, someone will complain about it. IMHO, Keep it at the 15 days. Someone sees a price drop after that, oh well. I only suggested 30 due to how busy some people can be. They may not see it within a couple weeks.
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I know exactly how you feel, Subhash! On the 18th of February I placed an order at a very well known global online store. Yesterday, the 23rd (7 days later), I found out the price of that item had gone down by more than 20%. I contacted them, and this morning I received a resounding "NOTHING we can do". The fact that we spent thousands with them over the past year obviously doesn't mean anything.

Such is business I'm afraid and I could threaten never to shop with them again etc, but bottom line is they wouldn't even care or notice... and I'd only be fooling myself because they are otherwise one of the best.

Unfortunately it is the same with you and Koodo, once they make a final decision there isn't much you can do except either just accept, or pack your bags and go... and you'd be hurting yourself more than them!

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