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Currently, for users who wants to purchase a phone and wants to be subsidized, they would have to sign up for a 24 month tab and wait 24 months or pay off their tab balance early in order to purchase a new phone. Not all users can wait that long to get a new phone. Some people drop and damage their phones, and others like to get the newest technology when it becomes available. To satisfy all users, Koodo can offer a Tab Plus option. With the Tab Plus option, users can pay a certain amount every month to help reduce the balance remaining on the tab along with the tab reduction based on the type of tab being chosen. With this method, users do not have to pay a large fee at the end if they want to clear their tab early to upgrade hardware and have the ability to control how soon to upgrade their phones. With more fundings upfront received from customers, Koodo can potentially offer higher end phones upon their release.
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Henry Ngan

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Posted 4 years ago

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Koodo isn't going to start managing your finances for you. I think the Tabs are fine the way they are. Just put that money aside each month and then use it when you want to upgrade.
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Daniel Gunn

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Also keep in mind Henry, the tab system has improved greatly especially considering we no longer have 3 year contracts as well with Koodo before you didn't have the option to pay off your tab unless you were cancelling, and the tab is cleared in 24 months regardless if there is a balance remaining, instead of paying for years longer on the old system.

I think they've got a good thing going so far.
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V Kris

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This is why I like Koodo as a company. They actually listen. I can't believe this idea is being considered as I agree with Jonathan... Koodo won't get into managing your finances for you.
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Well, if it won the contest there must be something in the idea koodo likes:
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Yes, indeed. What Koodo likes in that idea is that instead of having to wipe off any remaining balance at the 24 months mark, the customer does it himself with his/her own money.
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Phil Rogers

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No kidding. This just benefits Koodo.
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Cordelia Lewis

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I have a prepaid phone .my prepaid card is $ 50.dollars plus tax .which makes it 58.00 a month.the 50 dollars cards were sold out can I put 2 cards in 35 and a 25 dollars.if not how Cami return them
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Sue Caouette

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the only thing i have to say about this is, they should allow your plust tab to go over 150. if you can have a negative to up to -500 why can't we build our tab up over 150???
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1) Koodo would like to sell you a phone earlier, rather than later;
2) they do not want the financial liability of large tabs just hanging almost forever
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Sue Caouette

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i think the other way , if you can build your tab larger people would upgrade more. If they give us more promotions and sales on the phones i think people would upgrade more often. i know i would. and they offer sales on stuff but you have to be a NEW customer?? what about the ones who have been with them for a while. We seem to get shafted........
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They obviously have a business plan in mind, but I would think that the larger the + Tab gets, the more likely I am going to renew with Koodo when I'm done with my current phone.

When the time comes to swap out a phone, other providers may have incentives worth close enough to the amount of my tab to NEW customers to make me take a look.
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We all have to remember that Koodo is not a non-for-profit and has to make money somehow. However, I do think letting the tab credit go as high as maybe $300 would convince some of us to upgrade with Koodo rather than jump to another carrier with a great NEW customer promotion. I think this is a great idea.
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Good idea, benefits Koodo and customer as most Canadians are not the best savers.
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I think current Tab charge system is fine - $5 for Tab M and $10 for Tab L.
But it would be nice if I can choose tab fee of $5 or $10 for tab M.

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