Paying the bill of a suspended account

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Alright, so, I just signed up with Koodo in Semptember, everything was going great, and I got my first bill. I had set up pre-authorized debit payments but, had read that I needed to pay my first bill manually before it could take effect. I did such and all was great. Then, the pre-authorized payment came out and so I was charged a second time. I contacted support, and they reversed that and sent me a cheque for the amount charged. Fantastic! However, the second charge had put my bank account into overdraft. When this happens my bank reverses the payment as well. So, all of a sudden, it had shown that I hadn't paid my bill. This was fine, I was just going to wait until the cheque got here and just repay it, not a problem.

However, in the time I spent waiting for that cheque, my bill for the next month was created. And, this combination of the two bills plus the fees for a NSF refund (which, wasn't my fault), put my account over the $200 spending limit. I tried to contact the support team again, but have had terrible timing, I've been extremely busy and any of the times that I've attempted to contact them I have either not gotten a reply (email), have found that they are closed or down for maintenance.

Now, I have received my cheque from Koodo, which, is fantastic. But, I need to pay this bill to have cellphone service again, but, I don't have a credit card. I refuse to get one. But, my self server has been locked down so I cant make any payments through my online banking and, when my friend offered the use of his credit card, the automated system on the phone declined it saying it wasn't valid for Koodo.

I need to know how I can pay my bill, because this is extremely frustrating. If it weren't for the fact that I were charged twice, and that I am being charged a $25 fee for the NSF refund, I would still be under the spending limit and be able to bring it back down.

If anyone has any information on how I could pay my bill to rectify the issue and get my cell service back, that would be fantastic.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Call Koodo to get your account number and then pay through online banking through your bank website or directly at your bank
Really? I'll give that a shot. They way it was presented to me when I had asked I was given the impression that the only way to pay would be through credit card. Thank you Dennis.
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You will need to call in tomorrow morning.
Unless you have a copy of your bill saved and you can get your account number from there. After you pay you will also need to call in to Koodo to report the payment
I do have the account number already, and I have set Koodo up as a registered payee so I can pay them through my online banking. Thank you so much for all of your help! I just wish I knew why my self serve was acting up right now!
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You many not be able to login because your account has been suspended. But call them tomorrow to get it fixed

EDIT: or it could be because there are issue with self serve right now as I am having difficulties as are others
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You can actually pay your koodo bill with someone else credit card. I did it a couple of times now. Prepaid credit cards don't work but regular ones do.
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Turn off your pre-authorized payments. Keep yourself organized you will be fine. I pay mine through my online banking and have had no problems.

Secondly and importantly, if you have the ability to get a credit card, get one. Just like with staying organized for paying your Koodo bill on time, use your credit card responsibly and pay it off at the end of the month. If you've had credit problems in the past get a card with a low limit (ie. $500). MAKE SURE TO PAY OFF AFTER YOU  USE IT!!! Check your bank account before you use the card, then use the card, then pay off when you get your bill. Also, set up a spreadsheet with all your income/expenditures and update it daily. If you do this, You will NEVER have an overdrawn account again. Plus, you will build great credit, which is my whole point to this ramble.

Also, set up your chequing account with Tangerine (Previously ING Direct). Not only will they not charge you for NSF, you'll make that $25 you lost back just by signing up if you use this 'Orange Key': 35550803S1

Best of Luck!!!

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