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i've canada wide calling for 55/month + $14 extra for txt usage. why is my bill $132
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Posted 5 years ago

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Let me guess, you just saw the bill amount, didn't bother to open and look at the charges, then came here and expected us to tell you what your bill says.

Appreciate the enthusiasm and all that, but only you can tell yourself why the bill is what it is. Open the bill, go to page 3 and all of the charges will be listed. That will tell you why it's $132.
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Probably this is for the first and second month of your Koodo service if you are a new customer to Koodo. Your welcome letter will also state that this is the last paper bill you will be receiving unless you go online to change that option on the self-serve.
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you might of forgot to pay the last mounths bill and all there contracts are canada wide so there should be no extra charges for that
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I have the same problem, have found no explanation on the website or on my bill. Last month I was over charged by $30 and thos month the bill is $80 too much. Pretty soon I'll cancel my visa and skip the country!
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So after an hour of struggling around on the useless and unhelpful website, I discovered a list of large charges for calls made from my cell to my home phone number. I said to myself 'WTF, I cannot possibly be calling myself, when I'm not there, there's nobody there to answer the phone?!?' I then dialled *611 (STAR-6-1-1) and spoke to a KOODO rep. It turns out that somehow my phone was fiddled into call forwarding mode (which is not included in my plan, I never signed up for, and is a six or seven step operation, hmmmm). Every time someone called my cell and I was out of range or unreachable (which is a good percent of my time) the call was being forwarded to my home number and I WAS BEING DINGED AROUND $0.50/minute! One call by itself was $40.50!!! I was enraged by this SCAM, BECAUSE THATS WHAT THIS IS, threatened to end my contract with KOODO, AND THEY OFFERED ME A CREDIT FOR %50 of this months overage. This works out to $35 whereas KOODO has made off with an extra $35 for this month and $30 from last month, which they refused to reimburse. NICE SCAM. AHMAD, are you paid by KOODO to sass off to pissed off KOODO subscribers?! Get a life
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Hi Sylvia.  Ahmad does not work for Koodo nor is he paid by Koodo- he is a Mobile Master and he earned his title by using his knowledge and willingness to help on our community. More information on Mobile Masters can be found here -> https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/mobile-masters-faqs-rjrn04a8k2tbl/  Regarding your bill, there is no reason why we would scam our customers - the call forwarding option is an option that only you can turn on from your phone.  Regarding the $40.50 call that you claim you got, the call must have been picked up on your home phone from you or the person who was trying to reach you without realizing that they were trying to call you on your cell. Were you able to disable call forwarding?
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I have no idea how call forwarding was turned on on my phone, as stated above. I also had no idea that I could be charged up to 50 cents per minute for forwarded calls, even though the calls were local and I still have daytime minutes. Furthermore, I felt that Ahmad's comment was rude and unhelpful as looking at my bill, I could NOT TELL that these were forwarded calls. All the bill indicated was a bunch of local calls to my home number from my cell, which is physically impossible unless someone took my cell to town and then called me at home from it. I do not have cell service where I live. Perhaps KOODO should warn people about this issue. Anyways, the problem has been solved, so KOODO can enjoy their extra $65 bucks they made off of this glitch at my expense but I will not be renewing my contract when it finally ends.
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I also find it interesting that the call forwarding feature costs 3$ per month. Is that $3 for the feature PLUS 50 cents per minute, or just three dollars?! If so, I have truly been over charged.
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50 cents a minute was being charged the last time I used it without signing up for the $3 add-on. Easily ramped up to $$$.

Thereafter, it was a flat $3 per month. But you can't sign up for the $3 monthly and erase all your previous forwarding charges.

Some comments may seem rude, unreasonable and aggravating, but they are largely just reiterating the system as it exists, and not how we wish it could be. :-(

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