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I have looked briefly and did not see any posts about this idea

There are some telecommunication companies that post outages on the website. Have it be a service update, network outage, etc.

What if Koodo was able to have such a service and link it under the HELP tab or something on the main page?

Might cut down on calls and irate customers by letting us all know when there is a planned outage so people can prepare

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Posted 5 years ago

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They did have a message there. I can't remember what it said exactly but they told you about the system update and when the web would be up again.
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I did see one in the Community, but nothing on the main page.
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I am surprised this didnt get more support. I dont know how i missed it, but I think this is an awesome idea and an invaluable tool for users.

Some place to post planned outages, reported outages, details and such.

power companies do it, transit companies do it, online services do it, why not us?

I know it might not seem to paint Koodo in the best light by advertising moments of weakness, but the benefit to the user would be amazing. And it would help prevent, and mitigate the number of freakouts if customers had something to refer to.

I would like to throw my weight behind this, for what its worth, and revive this idea. (:
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Thanks, Mo. I can understand the moment of weakness part but on the opposite side, it would show that Koodo is informing the customers of these issues opposed to leaving them in the dark, so to speak. I used tog et calls about people wanting to be notified of these outages when they are posted. This is one way to help as long as the posted aren't long winded lol
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Telus has a policy to try to restrict outages/maintenance at the following time:

Sunday - Saturday
00:00 - 06:00 local

source: http://telus.com/downloads/Integrated...

Found a 3rd party site that tracks outages as well:


Normally, I'd subscribe to a company's twitter for alerts, but both of their accounts (@telus & @koodo) have way too many random posts.
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I remember when I used to work for this American company when I did tech sort of stuff, there was this thing called a whiteboard, I think, that had outages posted in almost real time. It was very helpful when the customrs would call. Maybe something like that for the agents would help?

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Yes please been on hold for 30 mins now waiting to see if outages and my local store (kenmount road st johns) wont answer their darned phone
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If there was just aplace to click id know if i need to go into the store (aka defective phone) or if the problem is on their end... please make this easier for us haha

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