Not receiving text messages from one person

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I've been having some trouble with receiving text messages the past couple of days. I can send and receive texts from everyone except for one person. When I send him text messages he receives them and when he sends me text messages they don't go through to my phone. We both have Samsung Galaxies, he has the S2 and I have the S4, and we're both on Koodo. How can we fix this problem?

And before you ask, no, my texts aren't being ignored. I'm currently using Facebook chat to talk to this person because text isn't working lol.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Rebecca A

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Also, this person can send and receive texts from others, it's just not working for us.
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You have to check your spam#'s I had the same problem. I changed my contacts name and for some reason the # was sent to a spam folder. Once I removed # I was able to receive all txt msgs
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Try restarting your phone. and getting him to restart his.
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Hi Rebecca, if you're still experiencing issues, give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 from another phone, option #6. We'll have a look at it! Your friend should also contact his technical support! Thank you!

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Yeah if you want to be on hold 2+ house before you talk to a rep. Koodo is useless
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We would ask you not to revive old threads.
To respond to your comment, you can choose the call back option and not wait on hold at all or contact Koodo through facebook or twitter dm.
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Did you resolve this problem? I'm having exactly the same problem!
I'm having this problem aswell!! Very strange because I'm receiving texts from everyone else. The person I'm sending texts to receives them but I'm not getting hers.. Its been going on for 2 days now. I've tried restarting my phone and nothing works. I asked my contact to send a text to my husbands phone to test and it went through fine. Mine is the only one she can't send to. Hope someone can help!
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What is the phone the person who can't receive the messages using?
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Since you can't receiver hers but she receives yours it sounds like you may have accidentaly blocked her messages (if this isn't an iphone we're talking about but say a samsung) If that's the case, messaging>text messaging> blocked senders, make sure her number is not in that list.
She has an iphone but she did a test and sent a text to my husbands phone(which is also a Samsung Galaxy S3) and he got it fine. I checked to see if I had accidentally blocked her number but it wasn't. She's the only one I don't get texts from. I have friends with iphones and I still get their texts. Very strange!
well..I ended up resetting my phone to factory settings. Luckilly I haven't had my phone long so I didn't have alot of personal info or apps on it. The result? It worked!!
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how do you do that
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same issue here Going to call Koodo today to try to fix this I will post when fixed
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Open the messaging app.
From the inbox, tap the menu button. (Bottom left corner, left of the home button on samsung phones).
There should be an option to view spam messages. Tap it.
Odds are that your missing messages are all in this folder because the number has been accidentally marked as spam. Long press one of the messages and you should have an option to remove it from the spam list.
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Thank you it worked!

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Yay this has worked for me thanks
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Had this problem for a year. THANK YOU! O2 and car phone warehouse never even mentioned spam messages existed!
What about for iPhone 5c
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I am having the same issue and I have tried everything and nothing has worked
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I'm having this trouble too - not getting messages from one person :( No way do I want to reset to factory settings - I'll lose way too much. What's the solution Koodo???

Looks like this has been going on for a while based on some of these messages. :(

I have a MotoG -
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I m having the same problem
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There are at least 5 possible solutions listed in this thread. Have you tried any of them?
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thats what im saying...ive been here 2 seconds and pretty sure i solved mine
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I just figured it out thanks to this thread!!! I had the same problem with my old Samsung phone and like the entire time I had the phone I didn't get texts from my aunt. Would have been nice to know then lol. So in text messages click the bottom left touch key (I have an S4) and then click view spammed messages to see the messages you've missed. To unspam the person, select their name as if you were going to text them. Click the bottom left touch button again and select remove from spam list. A life saver!
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Mardi Dawson

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Thanks it worked for me. I can now text my granddaughter without using Facebook messaging.
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This is now happening to me - I can text my boyfriend, he gets them, but I never get any of his replies.  We have different phones and different carriers.  I have not blocked him.  We have both deleted each other, rebooted our phones, added each other back and still nothing.  I actually wiped my phone clean this morning and reset it - still nothing.  The one person I text multiple times a day and need to be able to get in touch with, I can't.  But we can call each other if we have to.  Annoying!!  AT&T and Verizon - neither have any idea how to fix the problem. 
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Gail Shankland

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Such a pain in the butt eh Aimee!  
I hate when they have no solutions - just excuses.  
They'll likely blame it on your iphone.  :(
My issue is with two carriers as well - Koodo and one in Europe
They're also trying to assign the blame to the international messaging hub ... but we proved that wasn't the problem with another user from the same area.
So frustrating!! We've had this problem for 2+ years!!!
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I have a moto g and am receiving texts from everyone but not getting notifications from the person I text the most with.  I have restarted the phone and deleted some old messages, but still not receiving notifications.  Any suggestions???
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Did you or the other person recently switch from an iPhone? Does the other person have an iPhone? What carrier is the other person with? Do they have issues sending texts to anyone else that's with Koodo?
Wow finally fixed the problem my sister could get my texts but i didn't get hers all i had to do was delete the spam folder, wow and apple and koodoo couldn't tell us this, lol!!
 Thank you
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Not many would connect an issue occurring between your email app and your texting app, as the two are so very separate. The closest I have heard suggested is deleting any conversations between you in the Texting App, or deleting & re-creating the Contact card of the person.
I'm having the same problem, but it's happening at least with 3 people I text to. They receive my messages but I don't get their replay. The message shows it was delivered in their phones, but I don't get them.
It's not the spam problem, I checked. I have a Samsung S5 mini.
Any suggestions?
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Please don't post personal or business information like this. This is not a classifieds board. Glad you're alive and well though. 

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