No LTE on Nexus 5

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I recently bought a Nexus 5 from google to replace my GS2 X. I kept my old sim card (1 year old, prepaid, pink/purple on white, the 0000s on serial number) that I cut into a micro sim. However, I noticed I couldn't connect on the LTE network.

The koodo sales rep at the counter was absolutely no help and didn't know the difference between HSPA and LTE. She called and the technical support said it couldn't possibly be the SIM card.

My friend has a GS3 on prepaid (same as me) and we tried switching our SIM. I got on LTE and he fell back on HSPA+.

So I guess the problem is really the SIM huh? Or, like I saw it happened on AT&T, my SIM card was activated with a GS2 IMEI and the network is forcing HSPA+ since the GS2 was not LTE compatible?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ivan, Mobile Master

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It doesn't matter what phone you had your SIM card in before the N5. I use the same micro-SIM in both LTE and non-LTE devices and it works just fine.

Did you try one of the SIMs they have at the kiosk?
I tried my friend's prepaid sim and LTE works. The girl at the kiosk wanted me to shell $20 on a new SIM to test it.
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Whenever I had possible SIM issues, I was able to try one of the SIMs that they use in the kiosk. I never had to purchase one to test it.
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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Older sim cards do not have LTE on them. Get the kiosk to switch you to a new sim card and it should work
Yeah that's what I'm going to do. I wanted to check because according to what I've gathered here, my SIM fits the description of LTE-enabled SIM cards :/

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Humberto Giambrone

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If that's really true, can somebody explain to me how a Koodo sales rep doesn't know the difference between HSPA and LTE? I mean, I don't expect every sales rep to have superior knowledge of cell phones, the technology and the industry, it's probably not realistic to expect that, I know that some are better than others, but surely there are certain basics that you just cannot fail to understand aren't there?
Totally agree. She told me that the "H" meant LTE and when I told her it was HSPA she made me big eyes. Kind of surprising.
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Al Robidoux

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I had a rep once try to tell me that both GSM and CDMA iPhones used sim cards and when I explained the actual difference between GSM and CDMA, he kept telling me I was wrong and he was right. But yea, maybe when you cut your sim down you might have cut it wrong. But you should just be able to get the sim replaced and if you ask nicely they might give you a break on the price.
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Matt McMillan

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It's the "micro SIM 3" that you need for LTE capability. Sometimes the V2 SIM seems to work, but I wouldn't anticipate it. LTE is the whole reason they started shipping V3 SIMs, after all. Blue package, the SIM is orange on the contact side.

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