No more 8gb phones Koodo!

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I remember a while ago posting an idea that Koodo stop selling dual core or lower devices. Why? Because they are such poor performers that it makes the experience terrible and the User doesn't blame the manufacturer, they blame the carrier for selling them an outdated device.

I feel that time has come where once again we need to point out to Koodo that selling an 8GB device is a detriment to customer satisfaction. Take in point the LG K5. This nightmare has a whole 4GB of storage left once the system and bloat ware is loaded on. How quickly will your user run out of storage? Some versions of Android don't even allow users to move apps to external storage so that's not always an option.

In my opinion, 16gb should be the very least Koodo should be selling to its clientele.

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I cant agree with you more. It just happened tonight to someone with the K5. Its unfair as most users dont really know what their getting into. Which i understand is part of the whole marketing thing worldwide, BUT. It would be the stand up thing to do , and sell devices that you know people would want to have, not spend so much money on a device and then be bummed out cause they max out their storage in a few weeks.
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I both agree and disagree. There will always be a market for lower end/budget phones. My first Koodo phone was the Samsung Ace II. TBH that was a pretty pitiful phone, but it was free (no out of pocket money needed) but it served a purpose. I could call, it had a camera and I could text + use facebook.  I now have the Note 4, and again TBH it really is way too much hardware for what I use it for. I make phone calls, I take pics + text + use facebook.
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Agree there will always be a market for those who want a cheap "no-frills" phone.

Every carrier probably needs one or two models to offer, but they should be clearly advertised as such.
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At the time of the Ace 2, there were few budget phones that could be sold for that price. That isn't the case anymore. Koodo should move to alternative manufacturers for their entry-level devices (i.e. BLU, Microsoft, Alcatel OneTouch, ASUS, etc.).
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Indeed. The Moto G 2013 really ushered in the era of the "good enough" budget phone. These days, there's so many options. I'd really like to see Xiaomi personally. They've really expanded their snapdragon equipped lineup lately.
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Omg... Please!! I had a Galaxy Ace ll x and it was my first phone... The nightmare :O it was horrible! And i only had 1.71 GB Storage WHAAAT!? Well yeah... Then i upraded myself to the LG G3 And i was then happily ever after lol
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As the owner of an 8GB phone (Moto E third gen), I disagree. There are enough people out there who need a basic smartphone to use simple apps, read ebooks, and surf the Internet. The Moto E and Moto G are easy on the wallet ($96 and $120 respectively on Tab), and despite being older than the LG K4, have superior specs and minimal bloatware. What Koodo *should* do is make key specs of the phones more visible by default so buyers can easily compare what is available. I know people who found out the hard way that the Galaxy S6 does not have a memory card slot!
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this is the perfect response to this thread.
Just because it would be a bad experience for you, does not mean so for the general public.
In fact 1 in every 3 customers who come into my local store have flip phones.

These basic entry level devices ensure that Koodo is competing at every price point someone wishes to enter in.
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That would be nice. I don't mind the Moto e/g in 8gb so much because you en up with 5.5gb or so and it's a very clean android. There's also the SD card internal storage option since Moto doesn't cut features thankfully should you need more for apps.

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