Nexus 4 poor reception

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Phone suffering from poor reception or no service ? I read that newer version of the nexus 4 may have a loose connection for the antenna wire.

Nexus 4 are really easy to open, but to be certain, I (warning, not responsible for damage) took a screwdriver with a soft handle and gently hit my phone on the side. I have a bumper case.

Now, either that it fix my phone, or koodo/telus just happen to fix their network, but i'm now sitting with my phone with full bar where I had none half an hour sooner..

I will keep it like this, but if it get me trouble later, I will call Google to get it fixed on warranty...or get the nexus 5
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Posted 5 years ago

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sorry to hear about that issue your having. Going forword i would suggest that if it continues you can go exchange your sim card at any koodo shop that may help or you can go in and get a koodo rep to fix your APN setting some times that will help. I have the Nexus 4 and i have never had any issues with reception. so it might be one of those issues thats causing your problem but if its working for you nopw thats great hope it stays that way. have a great day
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Hey Pat, to add on to Angela's answer, you can always give our Technical Support a call to have a network ticket logged for further investigation. They will be able to determine where the issue lies and provide you with the best resolution possible.


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I will check with technical support, because, being less than 500 meters from the tower, i should always heve 3 or 4 bars.. Now, I don't have any...

I Just started to have problem 2 or 3 week ago.
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I called tech support and after checking for coverage, the guy confirm that I should have a perfect signal based on the proximity of the tower, as you can see in the picture. He tell me that my phone is probably defective, snd the best solution is to send it for repair.

So, I went to the koodo kiosk and explained to the girl there that I may have a problem with my phone and that technical support told me to see you for that.

To make a long story short, she told me that all they will do is a factory reset, and that will not fix it. I told her that I did a factory reset yesterday afternoon. She looks at me, sceptic, and told me how that I've been able to reinstall in such short time. That's about 30 apps, and with good backup and wifi, miracle may happen..

She told me also that maybe the sim card is defective. So I ask her if she could change it... But since my phone had good signal, I'd better wait for a complete failure since it was registered and could not be changed..

So I'm now home, on my couch. When I first started to write that e-mail, I had one bar. Now I'm at full bars. And I always had the phone in the same position. I would like to have another nexus 4 in my hand to compare, but I don't know anybody else that have one. Anyway, my signal just dropped to 2 bars, so I better post it before it quit and become problematic...
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Hi did your problem get fixed or not?

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