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I have been on my parents plan for four years and want to go on my own because i live in a different province. I have tried twice to do this and Koodo continously says my credit score wont be accepted. Yet my score is over 600.

Heres an idea to set you apart from the Big Three...allow customers to place a deposit on the account so they can continue to enjoy Koodo services.

After one year apply the deposit to their bill. Customer satisfaction will definately increase.

Allow Visa Debits to be put on the account. I bank with RBC and have a Virtual Visa card number that is linked to my cheuqing account. I always pay my bills this way.

I think if you allowed this more people would be willing to switch or continue to stay.

Keith Vittie
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Keith J Vittie

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Posted 5 years ago

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Marcus Fenix

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No to security deposits. Those just get messy and are very customer unfriendly. Something isn't adding up. If you have decent credit, you should qualify for an account. The fact that Koodo says no means something more is going on than what you're telling us. Koodo is extremely laidback as to who they provide service to as long as the information matches up.

Last I remember, Koodo doesn't have any plans to implement Visa Debit cards because of the amount of money it would take to implement it into the system.

If you're in that much need of your own hpone your best option is to go onto prepaid.
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Keith J Vittie

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Wow. Clearly you have no idea what great customer service is. I will be leaving koodo. Good job!!
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Marcus Fenix

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So I answer your post and you get offended over it? My, aren't we the delicate little flower. Koodo is never going to do security deposists. THAT IS customer unfriendly(for someone who apparently knows ALL about customer service). I'm a poster here, just like you. I volunteer my time to provide answers/opinions. Now you're running away because I don't agree with your perception of things? Life must be hard for you.

And maybe if you paid attention, you would recognize whose an employee and who isn't on this forum.
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Keith, just report this troll right here :

This guy is just a bitter troll, he has nothing to do with Koodo themselves for that matter. Trust me, customer service by the other companies is much worst than what this troll is providing. So give the moderators a chance to review what this troll says and I think your patience will be rewarded...
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Wow MarcusF This is definitely not the way to go about helping others and is not needed on this forum. You said about them realizing when its a Koodo employee but you didnt seem to realize that they are new here. Curious why you say that security deposits get messy ? I think it would be great for those that dont pass the credit check as an option for them personally. It means more customers for Koodo and no cost or risk to the company. I like the idea Keith and hope to see more from you in the future.
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Marcus Fenix

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Thanks for jumping down my backs guys. I was plenty fine and just giving my opinion. It's not my fault Keith is overly sensitive to how the real world works. I am in no way bitter but I won't accept being disrespected just because someone thinks that my answers don't relate to customer service or whatever. I don't see anyone else jumping on Keith's back for his disrespectful post.

I'm all for helping but I refuse to be disrespected and I will not be silenced. I will make my opinion known whether it's popular or not.

Don, you have no idea what a troll is, so please, be quiet.

Paul, try mentioning a security deposit to a customer who wants to purchase a phone and then watch them walk away. There's been many times where I have walked away from services because they require a security deposit. It's incredibly customer unfriendly. Koodo goes about it the right way with the Spending Cap program.

Though seeing as how people would rather jump down my back for openly speaking my mind instead of jumping down Keith's back for being incredibly disrespectful(says I'm leaving Koodo because a poster doesn't agree with his original post, like really? That's incredibly childish), this may just make me rethink about volunteering my time here.

I'm just tired of seeing stupid ideas being posted here that make no sense when relating to Koodo.
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Matthew Mascioni

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Guys, don't argue like this, especially publicly. Looks bad on the community.

Security deposits are an interesting idea, but would become very messy very quickly. Thus, they probably wouldn't be implemented. I'm not one to inquire on credit score, but you should probably take that up with your bank and whatnot. Perhaps they can help you. Koodo is only the one doing the check- they have no control.

I can understand how much you want Visa Debit to be added- I have a Visa Debit myself, actually. Very convenient. However, if it takes a lot of money to add it, this may affect pricing on plans, which would not be good. The ways to pay that Koodo currently offers are pretty great. Not completely sure, but I believe you can set up Direct Deposits with your bank- this may solve your problem.

EDIT: On the part about setting themselves apart from the 'Big Three'... haven't they done this already? Their plans are extremely affordable, and their support cares. They feel human. That enough separates them.
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Great Post again Matthew :-)
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Koodo isn't that far removed from the other Big 3 brands, and make no mistake - Koodo is a part of the Big 3 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Telus,

Koodo's prices have been on par with Virgin and Fido for a while and customer service is great with both Koodo and Virgin. Fido is less competitive. Koodo led the discount brands for a while with Canada-wide minutes, but Virgin has also implemented this as well.

Overall, I'm quite happy with Koodo, but if we're being honest, Koodo isn't as competitive as it used to be.

It's fine to disagree with ideas, but I'll agree that MarcusF has taken it a bit too far lately. Also, as a customer I don't want to hear "it's too messy". I like to see progressive thinking and alternative solutions offered. Wind for example has a "pay before" option for monthly customers where you're responsible for your monthly bill upfront. When you use up your monthly allowance, you're cut off if there are no funds on the account. Something like this should be easier to implement and would provide people with access to monthly plans (because prepaid in Canada is truly horrible) and pose no credit risk to Koodo.
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Sumaya K.

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that this community is a negative-free zone. Please respect our fellow community members and keep a positive environment.

Thank you,
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Koodo is a part of the Big 3.

Your credit score is not the only thing that determines your eligibility. For example, I was turned down for a line of credit due to a reporting error (from BMO). Basically, I had a zero balance, yet they were reporting a ~$220 monthly payment that skyrocketed my debt to income ratio. If you have not done so, I strongly urge you to request a credit report through both Equifax and Transunion.
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I have a similar issue. There was a fraudulent Bell account opened in my name a few years ago and it affected my eligibility for Koodo. I still got in but I'm very upset that it was still on my report, considering Bell even gave me a reference # stating the fraud team took care of it so I think I may call them and confirm if it was taken off my credit report because I'm trying to maintain good credit. I guess it was still good enough to be approved for a car loan so there's that...

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