New scam calls now being received every day. Ph# 011882414411874

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Not sure if I'm alone here. This all started November 28th. I'm now receiving a call every single day from an international number. It's becoming twice a day and at very early times of the morning. My phone (Galaxy S8+) identifies it as a scam caller so naturally I've blocked the #.

Sadly, this # changes every time but only the last digit of the #. No vmails are left by the caller and nothing can be found online when I search the #. I'm hoping some others might be experiencing these as well. 

My call log looks like this:

Nov 28th - Ph# 011882414411872 @ 7:34 am
Nov 29th - Ph# 011882414411874 @ 10:06 am
Nov 30th - Ph# 011882414411876 @ 7:27 am
Dec 2nd - Ph# 011882414411874 @ 8:35 am
Dec 3rd - Ph# 011882414411875 @ 7:33 am
Dec 3rd - Ph# 011882414411874 @ 8:35 am 
Dec 4th - Ph# 011882414411879 @ 6:48 am
Dec 4th - Ph# 011882414411879 @ 6:58 am

Google tells me these calls are originating in Taiwan. 

Not sure if I should file a police report or just live with it. The way this is going I can't see it getting any better and not sure I can live with this. I've also had the same phone # for more than 10 years so changing it over something like this isn't an option yet.
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Posted 8 months ago

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Unfortunately especially overseas there's nothing that can be done. If it were domestic then potentially the company could be fined for violating a do not call list or what not.

It'll stop eventually and until then you'll unfortunately have to ignore it.

There have been different tactics employed with varying things to tell whomever calls you if you answer it but they don't always work
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If only the last number is changing then you'll only have 10 numbers to block. Just block them as they come and don't answer them.
As well there are apps you can get to block numbers starting with certain digits, etc. Take a look in the app store and see if you can find something you like!
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It is exceedingly easy to spoof a phone number, and little Koodo can do about it, as they can be changed so easily. Best is to set up Do Not Disturb on your phone so only important calls can get through during your quiet hours. No real answer for daytimes, except to ignore.
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I have been receiving the calls every hour. I answered one and even replied one. Now, I am worried about being charged as I read this article in the news:
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Wait until you receive your bill. You might get charged. If you do, then call Koodo at that time.
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Thanks for the advice. I called right now and they offered a credit. I also reported this incident in CAFC Fraud Reporting System While this may not qualify as a fraud, there is certainly a malicious activity going on.

Unfortunately, Koodo is not able to prevent these call. The advice was just to ignore the calls (or change my number). I have been receiving the calls for three days, which is annoying.
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It is annoying for sure. Unfortunately you just have to wait it out until they move on.
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Imagine in the future you can filter out your incoming calls. “I want calls from Canada, USA, and my home country, and that is it”. Everyone gets blocked from calling via default.
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There are apps that will let you block out area codes. Might use a little extra battery. I'm actually surprised its not built into every phone by now. I know samsung has been doing it for awhile. Anyways I personally use one call mr.number.
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With android, it is more complicated but there are some trick here:

Using 3rd parties app to screen call, could lead to some privacy concerns. People worry if the app sends calllogs somewhere or if it can record phone conversation.
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Look at the google play store for Mr. Number and related apps. Many of them WILL send rejected calllogs (how else are they going the find out the spam ones?)

If you just do do not disturb and reject everyone else, you will miss calls including from hospitals, fire, police, etc.

These current crises have a way of flushing themselves away once the local pool of potential victims has been exhausted.