Need to offer phones with more memory

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I bought my iPhone 4 almost a year ago, he only thing you offered was an 8 gb. My husband went and bought a iPhone 4 16 gb somewhere else and hooked it up through you and with all the music his phone can hold compared to mine really sucks as I never had the option for the 16 gb from Koodo. You need to be able to offer or have the ability to special order bigger memory phones for customers.
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Keri Bisson

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Posted 4 years ago

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From koodo's point of view though, even though he bought his iphone elsewhere, he's still paying Koodo for service. As an added bonus, they didn't have to offer any kind of discount on the purchase of the phone, which would cut into profits. Not that I object to Koodo carrying phones with more storage, I just don't think it's going to happen.
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Koodo also would most likely not offer any special orders at all unless it is in their regular line-up and they run out of stock or something.
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I would drop the iphone brand completely. The only brand of cell phone were you cannot get a micro SD card. Witht hat being said if you're not happy with the internal memory or an iphone you have to get another cell phone all together. As to what you're asking.....unfortinately, I speak on assumption but I think Koodo offers the phones that are hot on the market that are fair pricing. You can always purchase your iphone from apple directly which ensures your phone will be factory unlocked.
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The nexus 4, nexus 5 and moto g are all android phones and none of them come with an sd slot.
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At least the Moto G supports USB TO Go!
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Keri, it's purely based on price. Most people would rather save $100 and do without 8 or 16 extra geebees.. I, too, like to have more space, but we are the minority and being the minority has drawbacks, sadly.

Yes, yes, I know, other carriers offer different capacities, but Koodo doesn't and there ain't much we can do about this short of bringing our own phones.
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I have a 64GB micro SD in my existing phone. I guess I sort of "know" that an 8 GB Moto G won't suit my purpose but I'd be willing to try to live with a 16 GB Moto G if Koodo would only offer them.

I bought (outright) a Moto G for my wife and she loves it. I would buy one for myself in a flash if it had more flash.
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You can use USB OTG.
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Yes and I see these cables on eBay for $0.89 with free shipping from Hong Kong (item #261340062499), I don't know how they can sell stuff like this with free international shipping for barely more than the cost of a stamp but they do (and although it takes several weeks it's pretty reliable I used to get replacement parts for Blackberry's all the time this way).

Unfortunately the OTG cable option is a broken connector waiting to happen unlike built in memory or an internal micro SD card.
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I got 2 OTG cables from eBay for $0.49 and free shipping from China. I guess the sellers get really cheap shipping prices to send it free.

They can break easily, I broke one of them but I still have another one.
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Koodo did offer the iPhone 4 in 16GB originally. At the point when you bought the 8GB one was when the iPhone 4S was released and the 4 discontinued. Once that happens Koodo no longer carries the 16GB model and switches to 8GB.

The exact same thing is happening right now with the 4S at 8GB. Originally there was never an 8GB model.
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And not just Koodo, all carriers axed the 16 GB model. I don't know how people can work with anything less than 16 GB.
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Just get an Android & a memory card then you will be good to go
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Sadly some Android phones like the Moto G don't support memory cards (without an external cable) and Koodo only offers the 8 GB version as opposed to the one with more memory built in.

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