Mipow Micro USB 2600 Charger - Crap!

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So I purchased the mipow micro usb 2600 charger on February 27th and I'm really unhappy with it.

I'll charge it up fully, but only get maybe a 60%-70% charge out of one charge. Is this supposed to happen? I was under the impression I would get at LEAST one full 100% charge out of it - especially since they talk about how you can charge two devices at once.

Can I still bring it back or exchange it? I trusted the saleswoman at my Koodo stand, but I could have gotten this much cheaper... or even better ones for cheaper.

Any tips?

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Posted 3 years ago

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Not sure about the return policy on accessories but I think it's 30days. You may have a manufacturer warranty. Check the documents that came with it to see how to get warranty service.

Do you continue to use the device while your charging it? That could have a negative impact on performance of the device. Also some devices require a particular amperage to charge the battery. If your charger has two output ports try switching to the other port as it may be stronger.
Thanks for your reply, Chad!

I only have the receipt but I remember the lady at Koodo saying if I had any issues any time, to bring it back.

I haven't tried the secondary charge port yet - good suggestion! I'll give that a try after I charge it up and see if that helps.

Thanks again!
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I just checked the specs on this thing and it's putting out 500ma

What device are you using this with?
A one year old in August Galaxy S3... also from Koodo, if that matters, lol.

It charges up insanely fast on wired chargers, so I'm pretty sure it isn't the phone/battery itself.
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The original wall charger is 700mA so your not going to get stellar performance from the battery pack, but it will keep you going in a situation where you can't get to a plug.
Ahh, so I should look at it as sort of a literal emergency back up?

Maybe I overestimated the purpose for it. :P

While I have you here, do you have any suggestions on a portable charger that will give me more of a solid charge or two? I'm not to this portable charger thing, haha.

Thanks so much for your help so far once again.
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I can't give you a a brand name but a great place to look is Amazon. There are reviews of just about everything they sell from people who've purchased and used the items before.

Look for chargers that supply at least 1a
Capacity is measured by MaH, the higher that number, the longer the battery pack will stay juiced up (and the more expensive it'll be)
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Keep in mind that when buying a portable power pack that it's not a straight transfer of power as in a 2600mah charger will charge a 2600mah Battery completely, you'll need a higher rated power pack than the size of your battery for a single charge like probably a 3000mah power pack to get one full charge of a 2600mah Battery or so. I'm not exactly sure how much higher but from buying a couple I know this is the case with most if not all packs. If you want a couple of full charges of say a 2600mah Battery I'd say check out a 8000mah or so.
Thank you, Chad and Paul! You've been very helpful!
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I use a 10,400 mAh portable power bank: http://www.dx.com/p/xiaomi-10400mah-u...

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