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Meet the Mobile Masters! 
Got a tech question? Harness the collective brainpower of the super-smart Mobile Masters in the Koodo Community. Whether it’s a question about the Tab, new tech or what you should eat for breakfast, they’ve got your number. 

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A native of Montreal, John Burke is a man who loves technology. Ever since he purchased his first phone in 1999, John has been hooked. Mobile phones aside, John is a lover of all things pizza because, he says, “It covers all food groups.” That it does, John. That it does. And when John isn’t justifying his love of pizza, he’s immersed in the musical stylings of Weird Al Yankovic. (Perhaps “stylings” is the wrong choice of word.) And now more than 10 years after his first phone purchase, John has upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We wonder what’s nextus. Get it? Never mind.

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Sophia finds chocolate pretty irresistible. Almost as much as her darling husband, who she periodically serenades with emotionally charged classical guitar renditions of “Living On a Prayer.” She’s also a pretty big fan of West Side Story and anything with cats in it. So if West Side Story had been written about two rival kitty gangs, she’d get so excited she’d probably shout from the rooftops. Or should we say, meow.

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Chad Burr is a man of adventure whom, when it comes to food, will try anything once. Originally from Pennsylvania, Chad now resides in Quebec. This begs the question, has he tried poutine yet? When Chad’s not exploring his LG Optimus One, running CyanogenMod 7 RC2 (yeah, we have no idea what that is either), he’s busy building gaming computers. Chad likes Koodo because he feels “they listen to their customers and are quick to address suggestions”. Chad’s also a man who values family, saying if he could have lunch with anyone in the world, he’d choose his parents. Technically, that’s two people, but we’re OK with that.

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Like any true master, Jorden is a man of a few words. We sat down and asked, “Where are you from?” He tells us, “Red Deer, Alberta.” “What do you like to eat most?” “Pizza.” “What’s your favourite graphic novel?” “The Walking Dead.” “Do you enjoy watching Shaun of the Dead on your new iPhone 5?” He only nods. Then we stare at each other for a while. “Would you like to order a pizza?” He just nods again, but somewhere in his mind we’re sure he’s wondering how cool it would be to share a slice with Walt Disney.

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Ivan is a Canadian who hates choices. Ivan was born in Bosnia, but was raised in Hamilton and Kitchener. Now he lives in London, Ontario, where he tinkers with arts and technology. He isn’t a huge fan of making choices because he’d rather enjoy every thing at once. The proof of this “choice-a-phobia” is his collection of current phones, which includes the HTC One, Nokia Lumia 520, Huawei Ascend P1, Nokia 700 and iPhone 5. Yes, that’s right, he has five phones, which we’re assuming makes him a pretty easy guy to get a hold of.

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Mayumi hails from Tokyo, Japan, a city virtually obsessed with mobile culture. So you might say being a Mobile Master is in her blood. Or you might say she just really, really loves her phone. Either way, she’s a perfect fit. A bit of a hopeless romantic, Mayumi’s favourite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast. Once you’ve asked her what you need to know about your phone, plan and so on, feel free to pick her brain about eternal love spells. Just don’t ask her to cast one unless you’re truly ready for the outcome.

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Paul really loves cajun food. And apparently, he does a pretty sweet Cajun accent too. In fact, he may even read his favourite book (Silence of the Lambs) out loud once in a while with a little bit of Cajun flair, just for kicks. Okay, maybe we’re being presumptuous. But we are sure he loves blogging about Android phones while re-watching his favourite movie Frailty. And he also lives in Angus, Ontario, but grew up in Utopia. So it’s safe to say his life is pretty much perfect.

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Early adopter of all things tech, David has been following the ins and outs of mobile technology since his first cell phone ––– an analog Audiovox. He’s since switched to something considerably smarter but has fond memories of the tech of yore (Commodore VIC 20 anyone? Anyone?). Having lived in many cities in Canada, he’s finally settled in small-town BC, where rivers, lakes and mountains are all within reach.

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Dinh hails from the East, but resides in the West (West Coast, that is). He’s not a fan of cold weather. Or hot weather, really. So B.C. is a pretty great fit... until it rains. When outside is all wet and stuff, Dinh puts on some glorious heavy metal and pretends it’s a warm, sunny day. When he’s not at work or answering your questions, Dinh plays tennis and what he calls his “kid games.” He tells us spaghetti is his 2nd favourite food because Vietnamese Pho will always reign supreme. Either way, this guy loves noodles! Although Dinh’s background is in civil engineering, he’s currently working as a programmer (“not the fancy kind that make tons of money,” he says). You could say Dinh’s iPhone is his wing-man but these days, one phone isn’t enough for a Mobile Master: he also rocks a MotoG and an LG. Just don’t ask him which device he’ll get next, ‘cause that will require hours of super serious research.

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Jonathan is a pretty casual, low-key guy. Which is funny, considering he loves Anger Management (the movie). When he’s not busy pawning noobs, he spends his time brushing up on Harry Potter – how magical! He also tells us he’d love to split some pizza and pasta with Morgan Freeman over lunch. And possibly, to have the whole meal recorded, edited, and then narrated by Morgan Freeman. Something tells us it’d do pretty well at Sundance.

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Dennis has been a proud member of the mobile community since the last millennium. Yes, you read that right. His first phone was the Nokia 6185, but you might remember it as the big brick with the stubby antenna. The point being, he’s a certified expert when it comes to all things mobile. When he’s not travelling the globe, Dennis likes to kick back with a dog-eared copy of Freakonomics, ya know, just for a little light reading. I guess you could say Dennis is a real Renaissance Man.

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Allan has lived in Atlantic Canada all his life, so he probably enjoys seafood. Or maybe he’s super allergic. Who knows? He never actually told us what he likes to eat (what do you like to eat, Allan?). When he’s not playing hockey or shredding guitar, he often finds himself lost in the YouTube abyss. But Allan isn’t just a hockey-playing, guitar-shredding YouTube fanatic – he’s also everyone’s go-to “hey dude, can you fix my phone?” guy. Allan is currently studying to become a software engineer, so maybe someday he won’t be solving issues with your mobile tech – he’ll be designing it himself. Pretty impressive for a lad so young his first phone ever was a Galaxy S3, right?

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Goran is an avionics technician by day, and dog-loving family guy by night. Toronto-born, he loves helping out his community, learning languages and earning a degree in Technology. Mobile Master, Superman ––– they both seem to apply here!    

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Richard is a pop icon. Okay, so he may not be selling out stadiums yet. But he has been registered with Indaba Music for nearly two years. Keep your ears out for his tunes in 'da club, people! Originally from Toronto, he's proud to call Hamilton his home. In his downtime (he has downtime?) he likes to kick back and watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Maybe Matt Damon could teach him a few tricks on how to vanish from his hordes of crazed fans.

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Robert was born in Montreal, but his favourite food is Chinese. Robert’s from Quebec, so you better not let him catch you saying “poutine” the wrong way. He loves TheLord of the Rings movies, which would explain why he’s such a big fan of little heroes, like El Tabador. Robert likes Koodo and explains, “It’s a really flexible company that knows how to compete.” He says if he could have lunch with one person, living or dead, he’d choose Steve Jobs. While that would definitely make for an interesting lunch, he’d better leave out the fact that he uses a PC.


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A bilingual Koodo Community member, Mathieu comes all the way from Cornwall, Ontario. By day, he's busy working at Staples and working towards his IT security certificates. He also volunteers at a TV station where he gets to operate cameras, edit video and mix sound. We've been told there haven't been any on-screen appearances, but we'll believe it when we see it. An avid gamer, Mathieu enjoys curling up with a good Mario Kart or Smash Bros. He's also started to read all the Game of Thrones books. Yup. All of them. 


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Timo is an Android-loving, Great-Big-Sea-blasting, super-tech-genius-whiz all the way from Thunder Bay, Ontario. And when we say whiz, we mean whiz. He's building a computer in his spare time. He also wants the ability to teleport to Australia, and we're sure that in a few years, he'll be able to figure that out too.

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We're thinking of calling him ChadTechWiz instead of Chadwick, because this guy is a serious tech wiz. From racing RC cars to gaming, Chad doesn't discriminate. Other than things that go beep and whirr, Chad loves his dog and spending time outdoors. Wonder if he'd be open to some tech innovation in the woods? (We're thinking mechanic marshmallow roasting machine.)

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Mobile Masters are not Koodo employees. They are regular users of this community and consumers like the general public. They have earned their designation based on their knowledge, insights, experience, and regular activity displayed over time within this community. The views and opinions expressed by the Mobile Masters are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Koodo Mobile.
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Congratulations Chadwick on becoming a Mobile Master!
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