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I don't want to complain too much on here cause everyone has their own opinions however i am tired of telecommunication companies having better plans in different provinces, Like SK & MB get unlimited talk + text & 5 GB of data for $55 and here in ontario the plan is unlimited talk + text & 1GB of data and it's $60, We pay $5 more and get 4GB less? It's things like this that cause many candians hopeful for a new wireless carrier to come such as verizon, The big 3 said if they come prices will just go up, well how so? you have proved to us time and time again you lower your prices because of other carriers in Saskatchewan you have that good plan because of SaskTel in Manitoba you have that good plan because of MTS, So if verizon came to canada/ontario and had a good plan your saying rates would get higher? I don't think so and i don't think many people are falling for that, Fact of the matter is you need to make plans available to call canadians, If you don't want to advertise certain plans in ontario that's one thing but if we see it you should do like a price match and give it to us, I encourage everyone who agrees with me on this topic to write the CRTC on this matter as i have written them a complaint, Thanks
Link to the CRTC page:

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The CRTC does not regulate industry pricing.
From their website:
"The CRTC does not intervene in newspapers, magazines, cell phone rates, the quality of service and business practices of cell phone companies, or the quality and content of TV and radio programs."
What exactly do you expect to accomplish by complaining to them?
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I stated in my message that i wasn't sure what could be done but something should be able to be done wether it be canada wide plans or price matching plans or something, Like i said everyone has their own opinions and in mine i'd rather try and fail than not try at all, If you don't want to simply don't :)
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SaskTel apparently has something like 70% of the mobile market there, and MTS has over 50%. Telus/Bell/Rogers are in effect the scrappy little guys in those markets, and so they are sacrificing their profit margins a bit to gain market share.

There's no chance they'd extend those plans Canada-wide - they have no need to since they are dominant already.
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I like how the big 3 say that competition will not bring down prices in Canada & that customers shouldn't want more companies coming to Canada because it will do nothing for pricing.

Well what Northern Raven just laid out is pure evidence that the big 3 statements are complete bull does it not.

It's the exact same thing if other players set up shop in Canada with lower prices or offering unlimited data then they will have no choice at all but to match those prices or go lower. Canadians seem to be getting more into searching for a solution & I think if the big 3 really want to nip this in the butt then just start offering cheaper prices and ppl wouldnt be crying to the government to bring competition, because if competition does indeed come your going to lose a bunch of customers and what's the % of $0. Would it not be better to keep those customers and just lower the % of money you make off of each customer instead of chancing losing them if Indeed new players come into Canada.

Make customers happy & you won't have to worry about competion coming to Canada because nobody will care or be pushing and crying to the government to do something about it.

How much money did the big 3 waste in their print, TV, online, ect advertising showing those ads of them complaining about the government wanting to bring competition to Canada? They could have used that money to lower prices & give back to their customers but it was better to try and brainwash Canadians into thinking that they're the good guys & competition would hurt Canadians and that they were being treated unfairly. I think who's ever idea that was did nothing but make Canadians laugh.
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Amen! it's common sense that prices would be lowered, That's why i mentioned the big 3 all have cheaper plans in specific provinces because of the competition there, Competition everywhere = competitive prices everywhere, Or like you said show us some love and lower prices so we stick with them because if they wait till another carrier comes it will be too late for many and a lot will switch, And lets be honest the big 3 make enough money that i'm positive they can lower prices,it might cost them millions but they would probably gain it back with new customers that are more willing to join with lower rates, Rogers recently had a 1 day outage in which they gave their customers a 1 day credit and it cost them $17,946,000 for 1 day, Nobody can tell me that they aren't making enough money if 1 day of of rogers service cost them that much that's $556,326,000 a month, i'm sure they can lower prices of plans or maybe not even lower them but give us more in them unlimited everything for $60/$70 or at least the 5/6GB of data or something better with the money they make they're scared of a new carrier coming into play and the wise thing would certainly be act now, or regret it later when lots of people switch, And absolutely they spent millions of dollars on ads to keep verizon out and really it didn't accomplish a whole lot, It really just made canadians aware of the situation and thought the carriers looked stupid for making ads cause clearly they felt threatened and were lying saying prices would increase if they came, It really made no sense what so ever, I hope something happens soon cause candians are definitely wanting change!
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There are million different services priced differently from province to province. The same is very evident in the US. If we want the same price for everyone for everything everywhere the government will have to regulate all prices. And we all know what happens when the government tries to intervene in free markets, don't we?
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There is no actual free market in Canada.

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