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Hey koodo plz make a koodo live chat online to talk to a koodo repersantive online
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Posted 4 years ago

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you have quick question, the community is here for you! If you need detailed information regarding your account, why not call? IMO, it's faster like that.
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I can't call I am locked out of my phone.  I live alone, it is -11C, I am not a good driver. I am over 50.  I have a life threatening illness for which I rely on a nursing specialty for phone/consultation...without this I go it alone or go straight to hospital.  This is unacceptable of Koodo.  I am very disappointed.  My friend took me to Best 
Buy and a tech guy was unable to help me because the phone would only let him try once per hour.  I am on disability and cannot afford a new phone.  I just bought this one 4-5 months ago.  I don't want the stress of losing all my contacts.

It never even occurred to me that Koodo would not have an online chat...that's like having no medical clinic or emergency.  Either you know how to do your own surgery or you are cut off.

Given my health condition I hope Koodo has their ducks in a row legally...I can't be calling 911 on a regular basis, nor making the decision to do so independently.
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911 always works, even on locked phones or phones without any service with any provider (as long as there is a tower nearby)

What was wrong with your phone in the end? Next time ask here, there are lots of people who know just about everything and they might have been able to help.
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Getting locked out of your phone has no more to do with Koodo than being locked out of your house has to do with your mortgage company. There is also nothing ANYONE can do to bypass the security on a locked phone, short of forcing a factory reset, which will still wipe all of your contacts.
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Koodo offers the equivalent of chat through their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also call with Skype, or a number other tools. 
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The Facebook chat has been very quick to resolve a few issues I had. Has the advantage of leaving your phone free to do any testing they might suggest.
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It's been suggested a few times, and as you can see, it is marked "under consideration", Adam: (now why would that have been locked?)


I seem to recall another request but can't find it right now...

You can add your voice to those ideas as well, so Koodo will see it's a wanted feature :)
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Online chat would be nice but this community is too good though ^_^
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I don't even know chat would be able to compete with thi forum. You only get one person to talk to an often they don't have the answer. Here you have a ton of people and always have what you are looking for.
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how can i do call forwarding because i am in England now
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Maqsood Ahmed

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and my koodo phone is not working here
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Maqsood Ahmed

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I am trying to dial  506 7080215 and get a message that it cannot be completed as dialled   Could this number be disconnected?
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Try asking the person who you're trying to call if that is the right number.
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This thread is 4 years old and entirely unrelated. Please start a new thread if you have a question.

Do you have problems dialing any other number? Koodo will not be able to tell you if the number is disconnected. Especially if it's not a Koodo account. Also you'd need to be an authorized user I imagine in order to get any info on the status of the number even if it was with Koodo.