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I have never been more disappointed in a service company than I was today. I have been a Koodo customer for over 6 years and had to use your loaner phone program for the first time this month.

The phone I had to take in was less than a month old and quit charging. Since you no longer have your policy where you can return a phone within the first 30 days I had to send it away on warranty. I was given a Samsung Galaxy Ace II as a loaner phone, which worked wonderfully until the screen got cracked on a fall.

I understand that I have to pay 150 dollars due to damage to the phone. But what I do not understand is why Koodo would not then let me just keep the phone since that is the cost of these phones anyways when you purchase them in store. Instead, I was told that they were going to send it away so that it covered the cost of the parts to fix it and reuse it as a loaner phone. You cannot tell me that you actually reuse these phones when they are damaged for future customers such as myself when the cost of the repair covers the cost of a new phone. Or why Koodo wouldn't let me get the glass repaired elsewhere for a heck of a lot cheaper than outright buying the phone and getting nothing for my money (it voided the warranty- I guess I should just have been less honest and had the screen replaced before taking it back. Or better yet told them I lost it and paid the 150 dollars in damages).

I guess I feel that this entire situation could be avoided (or at least partially avoided) with the addition of a case or at the very least a screen protector for phones. Especially since I certainly wasn't the first person to accidentally drop it from knee height judging by the pre-existing chunks missing around the edges when I got the phone that was as the employee put when he checked it over in "Good shape". The vast majority of people that buy Koodo phones buy a case for it to help protect this from occurring. It would have been a lot better customer service.

All that's left for me to do now is unlock the current phone I have now and switch to the competition. I would never recommend this company to my friends or family.
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Kyla Bryan

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Posted 4 years ago

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Robert, Mobile Master

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They wouldn't let you keep the phone because even if it's not worth much, they would have to pay extra money to replace that phone as a loaner phone. You made an honest mistake and now you're no recommending the company because of that? I find it pretty lame. It's like saying : "this company isn't good because I dropped the phone and they made me pay for the repairs".

You made the error and Koodo isn't responsable to give you the case or protective screen... They gave you a loaner so you can survive during your repair.
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Very sorry you had this experience, Kyla. As Robert said, not much can be done, "them's the rules" like 'm or not :(

However what I would suggest you could do is email your well worded plea to Koodo directly: (tab Email us) and who knows what might be done.

I'm sure they don't want to lose you as a customer and I know they are usually very lenient and compassionate when things go wrong. It's worth a try!
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. But I do have to agree with both Robert and Sophia on this.

It's really too bad that the phone broke but as a user, you have to be accountable to this (i.e. if I dropped my laptop, I wouldn't go to Apple and expect them to give me a new one).

Definitely try contacting Koodo directly, you never know, they could surprise you.I've personally reached out to several large companies in the past via social media expecting nothing and had quite a few issues resolved.

Best of luck!
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Hi Kyla, I'm not going to try to persuade you to stay with koodo (that choice is entirely up to you) but I just wanted to point out that since you have been a koodo customer for over six years, you probably have a grandfathered plan that you want to keep right? I suggest looking at current plans from other service providers before deciding to make the switch. Best of luck from me as well! :)
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Kyla, you mention that the screen could be repaired cheaper elsewhere. You can get the device repaired anywhere you like. Whether you choose to tell Koodo about the mishap or not is your call. Chances are if the phone came back with a brand new screen and in perfect working order, it's unlikely that it would have raised any suspicion, in my opinion.

For the short times that people have their phones out for repair, I'm speculating that it's probably not practical for Koodo to outfit each and every loaner device with a screen protector and case, though it may not be a bad idea considering loaner phones likely pass through many hands.

I realize this is hindsight, but if I were handed a loaner phone with chunks of glass or plastic missing around the edges, I would have refused the device and asked for something different.
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I support the idea. If you paid $150 for a phone that was only $150 then you should be able to keep it
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I too agree, that if you've paid said amount for the phone you should be able to keep it, provided that the phone received is in absolute pristine condition. What I don't agree with is someone having to foot the bill for damages that could have arisen from pre-existing damage.
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Koodo should have some sort of insurance against such mishaps. Wether it be a case, or a discounted repair price. This just keeps happening and the outcome is never different. I doubt screen protectors is a viable and affordable option for koodo but MOST DEFINITELY a rubber case for the phone to protect against drops. I hope this can happen soon enough as i JUST seen another post about this today. P.S i know this is a year old. just wanted to get my opinion out there in hopes that maybe Koodo will see enough people suggest it and make the change.
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I totally agree that it is not fair: making you pay $150 for the repair of a phone that is worth $150, that's not a sane decision to make, so forcing you to make it is insane. However, I do support Sophia's suggestion. I have had really good experiences with Koodo whenever I asked them to kindly color outside the lines. :)

AND I strongly support the idea of outfitting the loaner phones with protective cases and screens. When I get a new phone that's the FIRST THING I BUY: a sturdy case, because I know that electronics are fragile and shit happens. But, you can't expect every customer to buy a protective case for a phone that they are going to use for a week or a month. I bet that those cases and screens would come at a huge discount for a big user like Koodo. The price of a single unit wouldn't be anywhere close to the price consumer would have to pay.