LG G5 (G4) vs Samsung S7 // Help Me Pick :)

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All I realistically do is text, tweet and take photos but as I advance in my field, video and photo on mobile is increasing in importance, esp when it comes to quality. Note: We do use DSLRs as well but phone shots are also necessary. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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That depends on your budget. The S7 will have the best camera of the three but each of them will take good photos. The S7 is also the most expensive. The G5 and S7 will be the best. Since you won't be doing anything particularly process intensive (gaming or the like) it really doesn't matter which you get. The G5 has the modular thing but LG is already kind of sort of not really supporting it so don't expect much in the world way of new modules. Although the camera module could be nice for you when you end up needing to take photos with your phone for work.
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If you're simply after the best all-round phone that you can get, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 is clearly better than the LG G5 in my opinion. Looks better, feels better with more useful features. 
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If photo is a big thing for you, take a look at the G5. You can get a camera add-on component to have better control over it. I'm not sure how it will compare to the S7, but at least you will have more manual control over it. 

S7 does have a very nice auto camera, the S7 Edge even has the optical image stabilization which comes in handy!
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Texting and tweeting are really not anything that's going to make your handset need to flex its muscles. Since camera specs are important here, take a look at https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/lg-g5-camera-review/4

They cover the camera aspects of the S7, G5 and G4 fairly thoroughly. Keep in mind that the G4 is roughly 2/3 the price of the G5, and will probably have one less software update in its lifetime. It may be slightly older technology, but that means you can upgrade that much faster with the money you save now.

The G5 on the face of it with the accessories and dual lens seems to be the one designed with photographers in mind.
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S7 so far is one of the best for photos next the to the HTC 10... 
Has some great reviews on mobile camera.
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I think casey's going to be busy for a while doing research. It won't be an easy choice. More direct comparisons:

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I agree. Purchasing a phone for photos when you already use a DSLR is a really difficult place to be. The phones with quality cameras are most often the ones with the biggest price tag. Where it not for the statement why the OP recognizing the conundrum, I'd suggest an inexpensive phone, but Casey has upped the ante.
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S7 if your looking for something for photo quality, nothing compares to the quality of shots you get from the S7/S7 Edge camera it's the best hands down. The speed and accuracy of its focus is insane, nothing even comes close to it. Ive never taken a bad photo with it and that's even taking many photos of my kids which can be difficult because they rarely stand still. The S7 Edge is the way to go if you want some excellent battery life and the best design of a smartphone ever as well as the performance and killer hardware you get with the S7.
I'm usually someone who can't wait to get the next big phone that comes out and is annoying with anticipation but since I've gotten my S7 Edge I haven't cared too much about what's new coming out because it's a phone I really could finally use for a couple years without even caring whats next. That said I am excited for the Note 7 coming next month but even then if I don't grab it I'll be perfectly fine with the S7 Edge it's that great.

The G5 has bombed and executives at LG who had a hand in the release of that phone have actually lost their jobs because of that phone and it's dismal sales so to me it's a no brainer which phone to choose.
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That's important info to know. Sales flop may explain why other poster said no real support for accessories.

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