I'd like to see some options between the 45$ and 75$ plans for QC or a DIY Model

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So this morning I'm checking out what's new and talking with my friend Fred Norris about the plans and I notice there's not much of a choice for my fellow Quebecois where data plans are concerned.

The plans start at 40$ and then 45$ and then WOW 75$ How about something in the middle or at least a revamp of how the data plans are portioned.

I'd like to see a 2.5GB plan out there. I know the Overage rate on the 45$ plan means that 2gb would be 55$ so why not put up a plan with a little something in the 55-60$ range?

When I saw what was available I was just, Wow faced.

My 2 Cents
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Posted 5 years ago

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Your third paragraph just answered your own question/implemented your own idea, Chad.

You want a level in-between the $45 plan and the $75 plan but the overage rate on the $45 plan works out better than anything. $55 for a 2GB plan is pretty good so Koodo doesn't actually need to make a plan for that cause the $45 plan can do that. Furthermore, it's better to be on the $45 plan because if you don't use more than 1GB of data, you save more money.

I think that's why they didn't make a plan "in-between".

Just my 2 cents
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There really is no point in having the $75 plan. The (limited-time) $45 plan is really the best option there for QC residents.

You have 1GB data included for $45
You will pay $55 for 2GB data (1GB overage)
You will pay $65 for 3GB data (2GB overage) -- Note that this is less expensive than the equivalent $75 plan with 3GB data included.

This makes the $75 "useless" because you pay a fixed amount regardless of your usage below 3GB, whereas the $45 is cheaper regardless how much data is used compared to the $75 plan.

Why would someone want to pay a fixed monthly plan above $45 when the $45 Plan will auto-adjust to your data usage level above 1GB?
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What really irks me is the sticker shock. When you're comparing plans, one may not take a second look because the dollar figures are so high. I'm probably going to switch my wife out of her grandfather's 3gb/60$ plan in favor of the 45$ plan as she rarely even hits 500 mb.

One of Koodo's competitors is touting a 65$ plan with one gb like it's the best idea since leashes. Koodo is offering 3gb here for the same price. But I haven't seen any adverts about it.
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I'd suspect the lack of advertising is probably by design. The Big 3 ideally want people to go with their main brands, as opposed to their 'discount' carriers, as the monthly ARPU is higher. Truth be told, I hardly ever see adverts for any of the discount brands, they're pretty minimal and sporadic. Whereas I constantly see ads and promos for Bell, Rogers, & Telus multiple times a day.
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I would like to see a 45.00 plan with unlimited everything with 1 or 2 gb data.
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Wouldn't we all ;).
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May of not of been unlimited calling but over the past year, Koodo has offered a $45 plan with 1GB of data and PLENTY of calling minutes at least once if not more

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