Lets make the competition tremble some more and expand Koodos services to mobile sticks & iPad/Android data capabilities!

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Its becoming quite popular these days, turbo sticks and people buying their ipads and tablets with 3/4G capabilities. People are wanting to be connected to the internet constantly especially when their is no wifi available, i believe Koodo could greatly benefit from this growing market :)
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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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Koodo SIM Cards will work in compatible tablets already.
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Chris Petersens

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Most people use these in wi-fi. People are cheap I don't know a lot wanting to pay for data to be able to use these.
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Exactly, every place you go nowadays where you'd need to use your tablet/laptop, has WiFi (airports, trains, etc).
On the rare occasion data is needed, I think most people will use their tablet/laptop tethered to their phone, not use a separate data plan.
Personally I think data only plans are on their way to extinction except perhaps for high level businessmen (and Koodo is not aimed at them, I'm sure we all agree), but time will tell :)
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Marco Polo

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The only reason people do not use data only plans is the prohibitive cost. The reason for being expensive is that the phone companies do not want people to figure out that the only thing they really need is data. If data is cheap enough, people will no longer buy high margin services like voice and texting from them. People would replace those with VOIP and the numerous texting alternatives available.
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Yes, Marco, that would be the best of all worlds :) Maybe... some day... I'm still keeping hopes up that one day there won't be any distinction between SMS, MMS, calls or data!
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Bloody hell, sounds like you guys live in big cities, because even in cities like Sudbury, you only have wifi at McDonald's or Timmies... In Mexico, even in small towns, there was wifi in public parcs x(
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I can assure you the competition is not trembling lol, you can already share data with different devices on other carriers, it's just time that Koodo caught up.
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But right now they should offer "data only" plans. Yes, the most common and visible use for this is a so called " turbo stick" but there are so many other applications. Alarm monitoring, data logging, electronic sign-age, etc. Many of these use VERY LITTLE data (e.g. Alarm panels, etc.) so I'd even like to see a package of 1 MB/month (and pay $5/500 MB overage like the other plans).

The big advantage to Koodo is they get $10 or so a month, month after month for simply keeping an account open with very little network impact from the low usage applications and if a burglar cuts the phone line going to your house and thinks that makes him safe he can think again. Lots of these applications are currently "out there" but all on other carriers (other than Koodo) as they don't seem to offer the appropriate data only plans to facilitate it.
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If there was no need for data only plans a huge company such as apple wouldn't make two versions of their hand held iPads one strictly wifi and other 3/4G enabled for both their mini and standard sizes. It's more of a business use then personal for most, you have to look at it from other people's point if views. Plus those other possible applications mentioned above.
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I don't understand people who are wanting to turn Koodo into something Koodo isn't. Koodo is a discount brand. Their aim is to provide great service at reasonable rates. Providing data only plans and data only devices is a step away from Koodo's goal.

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