Let your customers know before you cut their lines.

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Before you deactivate a customers connection for whatever reason (unpaid bills, contract cancelled or what have you..) send them a message of some kind so they can take immediate action. A SMS, email or some sort of notification in the self serve app or account would be really helpful. Don't just wait for them to discover that by accident three weeks later when the once-a-month phone call home is due. Or a potential future employer has to write an email to tell you that they can't call you. Which is pretty embarrassing.
Thank you.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Wouldn't the self-serve account already show that someone is in arrears? At last check, there was an option on the self-serve page to go paperless and you could opt to have either an email or text message or both, sent to you. Aside from that, you're given plenty of notice prior to being disconnected. It's your responsibility to look after your account.
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An account would have had to have been pretty behind in order to be cut off and in those cases, that customer doesn't deserve the warning. If a customer isn't courteous enough to pay their bill on-time, Koodo shouldn't be courteous with a warning.

Furthermore, customers who are late are always encouraged to call in and arrange a payment arrangement so that they don't get cut off. That's another courtesy they offer that many still neglect and just let their account go by until they are cut off and then act mad when it happens.

Just my thoughts on the idea
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Now I don't know your specific situation so none of this is directed at you specifically.

Personally I don't think it's Koodos responsibility to hold peoples hands in things like this.

In the case of unpaid bills when getting your phone you agreed to pay it on time, if you don't pay it at all I don't think it should be any surprise when your phone stops working. As such it wouldn't be Koodos fault that calls aren't going through weither you're trying to make them or receive them. It's not like the power/water/cable companies let you know when they shut off your services if you don't pay those bills. Embarrassing or not its kinda on you to make sure your service is paid up to make sure you don't get cut off.

In the case of cancelling your contract I'm pretty sure they tell you at the time what day you're going to be disconnected.

Other than that I can't think of any reasons off the top of my head why Koodo would cut you off except for any unplanned outages, which in the paperwork we all had to sign to get our phones, waives Koodo of any responsibility for when they do happen.
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Though not popular with my fellow Mobile Masters, I think it would be appreciated if Koodo sent a warning Text with a 24/hour notice. Not saying they "should" or "shouldn't" but it definitely would be nice of them to do so.
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There's never anything wrong with courteously/good customer service so I can't say I disagree with you there. Just that I think in this case it's far from required.
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I know of that. What I mean is a message or warning that says something like: "Your phone is deactivated / will be deactivated because of this or that reason. Do something!" in big red letters. I can see when my bill is overdue, that's not the point.
Also, tell your sales reps to read email addresses very carefully when they enter them into the system and make it possible to pay with an international credit card.
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Before an account is suspended due to non payment koodo will first send out a text message, sometimes two, reminding you that you have not yet paid your bill. If there is no response to the text message, koodo will then attempt to contact you by phone, generally at least twice. If there is still no response, the account will be redirected so that all outbound calls go straight to koodo and you have no choice but to talk to them. If you still don't pay your bill then your account gets suspended. If you requirea warning in big capital letters, here it is: IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR BILL, OR MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO DO SO IN A TIMELY MANNER, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL EVENTUALLY BE SUSPENDED. This will be nobody's fault but your own.
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Well, there you have it.
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A good idea would also be to leave a valid contact number on your account for when the telephone contact happens. All too many times the question is asked, "my account is cancelled, why didn't you call me?" To which I have to answer, "we did, but there was no answer on the line 111-111-1111, were you not at home?"
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In addition to all of that, if you log into self serve there is a red triangle and a pop up warning you that unless you take action, your account will be suspended. You're even able to make a payment arrangement without ever talking to anyone.

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