Koodo's Data Policy's are Garbage and Made to Steal.

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This complaint of mine has been long overdue and it's about time I voice my anger at the way Koodo is dealing with their data usage fees. This is probably the 5th time I've been charged $5 whole freaking dollars for accidentally using around 0.3 - 1.3 mb worth of data. No words can describe how disgusting this is. I am a university student on a $29 plan and quite frankly I am shocked at how sneaky Koodo is. Charged up to $25 now and I am counting.

For one, Koodo seems to allow non-data plan users to access data and at the same time charge them for using a very very small FRACTION of data. THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE CASE, DATA SHOULD BE COMPLETELY DISABLED ON NON-DATA PLANS. PEOPLE WHO BUY NON-DATA PLANS DON'T INTEND TO USE DATA YOU FOOLS, WHY ARE YOU NOT DISABLING IT? Very smart money making scheme Koodo, I give you props for this one because opening a browser once already swallows up about 1mb -_-. To unsuspecting non-advanced users this data fee can turn into one ugly bill. My father was done in by this BS on his first month of usage with the iPhone. The Koodo employee who helped him configure the phone at the time did not disable the Data in IOS (incompetent) and as a result my dad was charged $10 for using a very small fraction of data too.

I consider myself to be an advanced android user and I know how to disable and limit my data(child's play), but there are situations where data usage is out of my control. Turning on data by accident or even when you're resetting a phone are of examples. There are other company's out there that completely disable data on plans that do not have data, but for Koodo it's a completely different story.

Koodo is charging $5 per 50mb right now on types of plans like mine so I was basically charged the same price of that for only using (0.01 to 0.020) x 50mb worth of data. Completely fed up and full of regret for joining this Network -_-.
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Posted 4 years ago

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It's about time someone brought this issue up.
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There are, of course, reasons for not disabling data outright just because your plan doesn't explicitly include data.

Firstly, your plan does include data. What you're describing are charges related to Koodo's "flex rate" for data usage. Essentially you're being billed $5 for access to an additional 50 MB. I suppose we could go back to the old "pay-per-use" data billing, but that was $3/MB for the first 5 MB and $0.05/MB after that.

Secondly, data is required for MMS to work. This is a feature that is included in your plan. Koodo doesn't bill you for data usage for sending/downloading MMS but it does need to be active.

Lastly, if you really don't want data to work you have to request for Koodo to block it. If you buy a smartphone it's assumed that you're going to use it for the internet as it was intended, it's not Koodo's fault if you don't ask for a data block.
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There is an option to block the data. You can add it using your self serve account or simply calling in to koodo customer service. Its very simple to avoid data overages by disabling the data. Koodo can't control the usage of data when you turn it on. When data is turned on the phone and apps that are running or updating will cause situations like this to happen.
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As mentioned above there is a $0.00 monthly add-on that blocks data. I used this to avoid accidental data charges before I had data on my plan. I just sent no MMS messages. I used wifi to sync up my email when I was within range of a router.

I you don't need MMS or data you should add this to your plan to avoid accidental data usage. I had mine added when I signed up but I think it can be done in self serve.
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You can disable data in your settings on your phone as well
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" There are other company's out there that completely disable data on plans that do not have data, but for Koodo it's a completely different story. "

This is incorrect. You have the option of disabling your data, even with plans with data. All you have to do is ask at the time of signup. Or right now, log into your self-serve and add the data block add-on. Easy as that.
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Why don't you get a data-block add-on instead of crying
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Omg dude, I wouldn't call it accidental if it happened 5 times already. :-) And why would you let it go for that long? Rhetorical question.
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For non-tech savvy people such as parents, this is a great money maker. I had the same problem as well when I first got my phone. I was charged $50. But because it was my first time using a smartphone, they cancelled the charges and they fixed my phone to disable data usage.
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This isn't a money making scheme; it's just that the cell phone market these days is based on having a smartphone with some amount of data. Data blocks can be requested and should be discussed before someone buys a phone or at least learns a little about how to turn it on/off. It's not difficult. Just takes a few minutes and some patience to understand how it works.
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I agree with Jonathan. Plus, they still sell non-smartphones. Solves the problem for all "non-tech savvy people". I really don't mean to come across an a-s-s, but at some point people need to get with the times or not buy things they don't know/want to learn how to use.
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It's akin to choosing a turbocharged car vs a normally aspirated one and NOT expecting the car to need premium gas or simply more gas. Talk and text phones exist for situations like these, like Chris mentioned above.

People blindly sign papers and get on their way, but please, people, when it involves your money and especially if you're not the type to throw it out the window, read thoroughly and ask questions! You'll thank yourself later and won't have anyone to try and put a blame on :)
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This community is absolutely toxic and filled with useless fanbois. If your problem doesn't seem like a problem to them you will get nothing but useless guesses and stop whining reply's.

My advice would be to switch to prepaid if you can, $15 for unlimited texting $25 for 500 minutes talk time that roll over until they are all used and $30 for 1GB data. If you have no data booster you use no data but your smart phone still works with WiFi.

I had a similar experience to yours with my daughters phone at Telus, 2 months at $158 and $179 for data overage. They offered no solution except to increase her plan to $70/mth because it is a scam. with another daughter getting her first phone and my wife getting a smart phone I was looking at $280 per month! I paid out 3 Telus contracts bought 4 prepaid phones and boosters and monthly fees and broke even in 6 months. Now I spend less than $80/mth for all four phones and dont worry about anyone going over on talk or data ever, plus most kids just text anyway.

Word of warning though, Koodo was bought by Telus and ever since the prepaid customer service has been horrendous. The website is broke and has problems accepting credit card and now even prepaid vouchers, the staff cant or wont help you. You have to really want to save money to be a customer here. My patience is starting to wear thin.
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Just want to add that right now, there is a promo with prepaid: you get 100 minutes for adding a credit card (if you already did so, remove it and re-add it later). You also get 10% credit for auto top up, meaning your plan only costs $13.50 per month instead of $15.

BTW I don't agree with you about this community being toxic, most of us, if not all are pretty helpful and honest in our replies. Not seen much fanboism but you'll always find people who are satisfied with what they have and not afraid to voice that. I agree with you that the prepaid self service has been a bit buggy of late, not to mention s..l...o....w.....

Oh and last but not least: you won't find the data problem with prepaid :D If you don't add a data booster, you can still use MMS without paying for data!
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Koodo was not 'bought by Telus'. Koodo has been owned by the Telus corporation since they opened 6 years ago.
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@ angry customer I don't believe anyone is really a fanboy/girl. We pretty much all give koodo hell when deserved but do the same to customers who, for one reason or another blame everything on everyone else instead of looking in the mirror.
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I agree (angry customer). In light of your situation, prepaid appears to be the better way to go from a money saving perspective. I'm curious though, when did this acquisition occur where Telus bought Koodo? It's my understanding Telus started Koodo.

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