Koodoo - you have wasted my time and driven me to cancel my account! Please sort yourself out!

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I have just cancelled the Koodoo phone I got for my son and recommend that no parent gets a phone for a student. After 3 long telephone calls to Koodoo during which I was assured that he was now able to upgrade his phone without me present (he studies in another province) and 3 visits by my son to the Eaton Centre Koodoo store in Montreal, we have not managed to do this. The head office staff on the phone do not seem to know what they are doing, and the Eaton Centre staff told us it was against the law for them to do what the head office staff said to do. Then the head office staff said that the people in Quebec were wrong about the law. Someone is lying or incompetent or both. What a waste of time! He wanted to stick with Koodoo but they have just lost another customer, and probably more as I will tell everyone to keep clear of Koodoo. Final insult, I asked how I get customer feedback on my complaint and was told there was no way to do this at Koodoo. How do you improve the service if you don't give any feedback?
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Posted 4 years ago

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You can contact Koodo on the main webpage. Click contact us on the bottom and the e-mail will be listed. As far as my understand goes, any authorized user can upgrade the phone. As long as you called in to authorize this person on your account there wouldn't be any issues. Not sure if you did this the store would say otherwise. Maybe the retailer your son went to was in need of training. With that being said, sorry you hit a sour lemon in the bunch.
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Sure this wasn't an official kiosk? Stop pretending like Koodo's perfect. I know Koodo better than some of their reps do. Obviously they aren't perfect otherwise this lady wouldn't be here complaining.
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Eaton Centre in Montreal? Are you sure you're not referring to the Eaton Centre in Toronto? Maybe there's another one by the same name...

As long as you authorized your son on your account then he should be fine to upgrade otherwise the staff were correct. However, I feel like they should have done something more than just shoo you away like they did. My apologies for your experience.
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There is a Koodo store in the Montreal Eaton Center, I'm pretty sure she didn't mix that up. :-)

Something is really strange as this (to be able to upgrade as authorized person) was an idea by someone here tha Koodo actually put in practice. So, maybe it was a new store rep who didn't know what they were doing. As long as the person is of the age of majority and authorization is given upgrading shouldn't be an issue even if the account owner in not present.
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Hey Natasha,

We understand your frustration and will do what we can to assist. Please note that in no way, this is a reflection of the customer service we stand for. Would you mind please sending us a detailed email through this secure link (http://koo.do/11eMLdy) so that we can look into it (choose "Social Media" please). We look forward to assisting you!

Thanks Natasha

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Is it possible he was trying to use a tab he wasn't eligible for?
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Sorry to hear Natasha!
Things like this do happen unfortunately. Its miscommunication on both ends. Authorized users cant be seen on the dealers end. An authorized user can be created by simply calling into customer service, but it doesnt give the authorized user authrouzation to upgrade the phone without the account holder as there is a service agreement that needs to be signed with the account holders signature.
Sometimes stores make circumstances if they have permisson from thier manager to call the account holder personally with the authorized user present and ask the account holder if its ok if the upgrade can be done. Situations where the authorized user lives in a diffrent city from the account holder happen on a regualr basis it just depends on the store on what they decide to do.
I dont if you were informed about a transfer of ownership( TOWN) over the phone when you cancelled but if your son is of age you could have iniated a TOWN over into his name, he would then have to call in with 2 pieces of I.D such as 1 photo (drivers license, age of magority card, passport anything government offical) and credit card, or SIN. they would enter the information in on the computer to make sure he is qualified to have his own account. Once the process is done and hes eligible he would be moved to his own account and he would have been able to upgrade with no hassles.
I'm sorry you experienced such a frustrating time with KOODO. Hope this little bit of info helps and you can change your mind and have your son come back to KOODO :)
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Valid points for sure Teabird! But she already mentioned she already cancelled I sure hope she read your post though! *claps STAR!
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Thanks for all the responses. TOWN was mentioned by one person when I was on my 4th call about this and my son was on his 3rd trip to the store, by which time we'd had enough. It is a shame because Canadians are so badly served by the phone company cartels that I really wanted Koodo to succeed. The customer has better protection and service in Europe, in my experience. Too bad.
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Hi TeaBird, thank you for your help and suggestions. However, authorized users can now upgrade their phones in Koodo stores without the account holder. This is actually a process that we implemented recently thanks to ideas from the community :) If you need more information about it, don't hesitate to check your support pages or ask your help desk! Thank you!
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I think this is probably a perfect example of what happened at the store (not directed at you TeaBird this was my hunch before I read your post) but I wonder how effective the new policy was communicated to the store. Maybe the reps in Montreal didn't "get the memo" so to speak.
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I don't think a lot of reps realize that they need to use a special tool to authorize someone to upgrade a phone in store. From what I've seen, most agents believe all that is required is to add the name to the account. Perhaps an actual training session with this tool, rather than a generic emailed memo is what is actually required.

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