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Many of us get not so good reception at home. Any chance that Koodo may offer Wi-Fi calling feature with UMA enabled phones. T-Mobile in the states and Rogers here in Canada offer this service for free. While relieving network congestion, customers can place there calls over Wi-Fi. Koodo can still charge normal rates over Wi-Fi, cutting costs and expanding profits!

It's profitable for the company and it gives customers something of value.
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Michael Russell

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Posted 5 years ago

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Marcus Fenix

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Koodo does NOT offer wifi. They are not an Internet Service Provider.

I wish people would get this through their heads!
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Marcus Fenix

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Then why don't you enlighten us that don't know instead of giving us a condescending attitude that you seem to have a lot of time. I'm surprised people put up with your crap attitude Ahmad. So instead of talking down to those that are less knowledgable, educate. Unless you're too good to do that which in that case maybe your Mobile Master status should be revoked because right now, you're a terrible representation of what a Mobile Master is.
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Guys, things are getting a little negative. The purpose of the community has always been to maintain a positive atmosphere through respect and compassion for helping our fellow community members. Please don't lose sight of what the community is all about.
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Marcus Fenix

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Sorry Ashley, but I feel Ahmad's attitude overall is negative. Instead of providing info, he actively talks down to those that are less knowledgable, which isn't right.
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Chris Petersens

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I don't think Ahmad is in the wrong here. I interpreted Michael's post the same way. Which is that Koodo should offer calling over wi-fi, not that Kodoo should get into the business of offering wi-fi.
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David Braganza

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Hey Marcus, since you used an internet device to comment you could have used same said device to google it.
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Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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It's a neat idea but you can use Google Voice or Dell Voice or Viber or Skype or... any other kind of VOIP service for that. Yes maybe it's not using the same phone # but Koodo is a discount carrier, not a premium one - they forego such things as the Wi-Fi calling, device protection plans, mobile TV, roadside assistance, etc. to bring you cheaper rates and more value for your dollar over a premium brand.
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John Lee

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Skype is extremely easy and is great on my phone. You should those applications out.
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Andy Mason

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I use DellVoice (now Fongo), and forward my calls to that number when I have no service (or phone off/busy/whatever). If I want to answer a call on cellular, I do, and if not, I decline it, then either answer or not when it rings again on my VoIP line. If I don't answer the VoIP, it goes to the free voicemail there, which I can pick up either on wi-fi or via cellular. The VoIP part is free, and I pay Koodo $3 a month for unlimited forwarding.
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Shelley Cattral

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All I am looking for is to be able to access wifi sites to access other sites as well as I roam around.
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As long as you turn on your wifi on your phone it will pick up open wifi sites (ie. places like Tim Horton's, McDonald's, etc...).

A lot of places have open wifi that you can use while you are a customer of theirs, but the wifi extends beyond just the building. Also, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have open wifi as long as you have an account with them (or know somebody that does - I have a shaw account for my internet, and allowed people at work to use my user name and login, so that we could all connect to free wifi while on break from work).

You do not need to have your data on, just your wifi. Also, many places have an initial page (basically agreeing to the terms of service) that you have to go to first, but by agreeing with this and refusing "premium service" (ie. you pay for it), you can use the free wifi.

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