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I have been trying to get my $60 back from Koodo for almost a year now. I get no help from the people at the mall and when I call, the rep says they will fix the issue by returning it to my bank account or sending a cheque but that never happens either. This has been almost a year!!!!! I canceled my account and accidentally paid my old koodo account. Am I shit out of luck? This just shows the reason WHY I canceled. Crap customer service.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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As far as I know they don't put the money into your bank account. If you have any money coming to you it would come by cheque to your mailing address. You will have to call customer service and speak with them about the issue.
I have done that several times with no result
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You may want to take note of who you're about to talk to, the time and date the next time you call into customer service. If you feel you're still getting the runaround, ask to speak to a supervisor.
I have called a few times and have talked to supervisors. I get hung up on. They tell me I'll get a cheque but I never do.
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Chris Petersens

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Is your address still the same as the one you had with them?
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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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DID you happen to have moved in the last year? In the 2 years I've been helping out on this forum this is the first time I've heard of anyone having issues getting their refund, something doesn't seem right here.
Make sure when you call to stay calm and respectful and make sure there is understanding of what's going on from both sides, if you get a person with a heavy accent that you can't understand (which seems to happen in some instances) it's best to call back and get someone you can understand fully.
I've been trying for almost a year. I have always been politenand still get hung up on. Its thr same thing when I had tech issues. They couldn't figure it out, so they hung up on me. Customer service is mu reason for canceling
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Okay, you've had a bad experience with them. That's unfortunate, I'm sorry to hear about that. But did you move? Maybe those cheques have gone to an old address. Either way, you might actually be better off sending an email to their team instead of having to wait around on the phone. I've also alerted our contact with Koodo to see how else we can help.
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You said " I canceled my account and accidentally paid my old koodo account."
Did your payment go through at that time?

If they keep hung up on you, you can send email to them.
The payment was made via my online banKing to my koodo account number instead my of my cell provider. It was taken out. Koodo confirmed it was on my old account.
Oh and one rep said I would get a cheque, the next rep said it would be reversed back the way i n paid s
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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If I understand correctly, there is a cancelled account this payment went to. If that is the case, what the agent should do is contact the payment management team to have them manually force the cheque to be sent to you, assuming the address is correct. I have been able to do this being an agent, myself. I don't see why the other agents are making this difficult for you...

Once that happens, you would get the cheque within a week or so.
Yes Zaphod, that is what happened. The account has only ever been under 1 address so it must be the correct one.

I usedn to be a Rogers agent and it was the same procedure as you are describing. I dread calling in and getting the run around. It's almost not worth the money. I wish someone would just contact me.
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Hi Laura Ann, as Mayumi mentioned you should sent us a detailed email to link provided and please include the following: Koodo phone number/account (if you remember) and current billing address. This way we'll be able to take a look into it. Thank you.

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What is the email I am supposed to be writing? Thanks
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Hi Laura Ann, simply send us an email to:, of what happened in regards to the canceled account. Thank you.

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To clarify Khaleila's reply:

Click on the link in her post and that will take you to a form which you can use to send the e-mail. Please make sure you type your e-mail correctly as Koodo can only respond to the e-mail that you provide in the form.

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