Koodo Should send the Mobile Master's Wives and Husbands flowers and a letter of appology.

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I'm going to sound so ungrateful right now but I'm going to do it anyway.

Koodo selected us as Mobile Masters because we love to help out. It gives us a smile when someone writes back "Hey that worked! Thank you" We had no idea this program was going to happen and were delighted when it did.

Did you know that the 12 Mobile Masters spend 15 hours + each week helping out Koodo Customers? And that 99.6% of people that visit this site looking for an answer to their problems find the solution and leave without ever posting a question?

Source: http://bit.ly/1cuYZc0

It's True! But who's left in that wake of charged batteries and reduced cellphone bills? Our Wives, Husbands, Kids, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Stuffed Animals, Small furry woodland creatures, Howard, Fred, Robin, Benjii, Scott, Sal, Richard, My pet monkey "Baba Booey" that's who!

The Mobile Master program is a great way for Koodo to say thanks to us for all the dedication and hard work. It'd be great if they did something to thank our signifigant others for sacrificing nerd time for the betterment of Koodoites everywhere.

Just a thought.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ha, nice idea!

Just let the wife/husband use some of the loaners & it should help smooth things over.
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I know the wife was getting pretty peeved when I was on my rampage o gain mobile Master status, I don't pay attention to her for like 3 months lol. She understands more now that she's seen how great Koodo has been to me but man were things rocky here for awhile yikes. I let her use one of my phones which also smith's things over quite well. Still a cool idea Chad and I'm for it.
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You forgot cats! :D
It's a nice idea because the last thing in the world you could make my hubby happy with is a cell phone... and I'm not even talking about the bill ;)
After last week he understands my Koodo passion though... and if that sounds cryptic, it's because nothing has been mentioned in public about an event that took place and I'm not sure if we're supposed to tell or not :D
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Congrats for that secret event that makes you happy Sophia :D And even though I'm no Mobile Master, after Chad's post I went ahead and spent a good half hour with the kitties and had a blast playing with them and waving their toys at them :P Surprisingly, the were into it instead of laying there and dozing off...lol
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This is going to sound depressing but I don't have a significant other to eat up all my time and money, my family argues too much for me to care about spending time with them, my pets don't interfere with my Koodo community time because one of our cats is old and fat and just sleeps all day and the other one is young and hyper so he doesn't really sit in one place too long unless he's sleeping.

I work my 40+ hours in the week (some days it's over 10 hours per day), come home, eat/drink, open the community page and Facebook/Youtube, play video games for a few hours, maybe read some Cracked articles or Wikipedia entires, go to sleep, rinse and repeat. I will sometimes hang out with my friends here and there but otherwise I don't really have anyone for Koodo to make up anything to, to be honest.

However, if I do eventually get a new gf, I'd mak- ...ask her to contribute here as well. :P

Good idea though, Chad.
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You're right, that did sound depressing.
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I have a friend whose days pretty much look like Jonathan's. Even though he doesn't have a girlfriend, he still gets all the women since he works in an hospital :D Maybe Jonathan's keeping this part secret, hehe.
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Koodo did send all Mobile Masters a thank you. While we all do appreciate the work that you put in, no one is forcing you to spend 15+ hours a week on here.

Now, if this a joke thread, then I can appreciate the humor, but if this is legit serious, I very much disagree with the sentiment of wanting more things.
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When have we ever not been legit serious?
This remark ^ above was a joke...
But this remark ^ above was not a joke...

Never mind :P

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