koodo should allow us to use apn setting for iphone for picture messaging ?

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As question suggests,
if android can send mms why not iphone can do that ???
after all it is using same 3g apn and 3g network for it !!!

i am a very teksavvy user asking koodo to open up cellular data option and mms settings option in my iphone so i could use YOUR 3g data that I paid for in my plan and allow me send picture msgs via texts.

i am not asking you to give me access to web and all that facebook access because i am not paying for it .,.please give me what i pay for and enable 3g data access for picture msgs ..

this is an idea that should allow us to modify carrier settings if we want to in order to prevent data usage and get pure picture msg data (mms) flawlessly. after all we are paying for it .AREN'T WE?

i did jailbreak and i could do it ,, why not without jailbreak?
apple iphone configuration utility does that too .. why not koodo allow moochers like us( customers ) to stretch every dollar WE spend to the last limit of it ..

may be i should use my iphone for 3g data and use/keep nokia phone just in case to use mms and keep swapping SIM untill i have some other service provider who will give me what i pay for .. OR I SUCK THE $$$ OUT OF MY PLAN I HAVE .
may be just for the hack of it..
what do you say should i start looking????? ..OR will you ever think about this ever ????
because there are smart people like me still exists on the face of the planet who knows how to twist every angle of a technology and make it work for them..

and yeah my beloved NOOBS/SPECIALISTS/mobile masters answering this post from your grand mother basement ,please please stay away.

this goes to koodo as to what they are going to do about it ?? ANY IDEA ?- ANY THOUGHTS? any plans ? because i am asking on behalf of all the koodo customers who does / doesn't know that they are paying for something that is only being included in an adverts and no where else .
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Posted 4 years ago

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For someone who claims to be smart, you sure could use some grammar lessons. You also posted this in a public forum so anyone is free to comment on it. Also, I'm not living in my grandma's basement. She passed away in 1998. Thanks for bringing that up.

All Canadian carrier locked iPhones (not just Koodo) have the APN menu blocked out/unavailable. Jailbreaking is a different story. Only unlocked iPhones purchased directly from Apple have this ability. I'm not sure if carrier locked iPhones that have been unlocked can also do this. Maybe someone else can confirm.

I know that Apple has very strict rules imposed on the carriers so that APN menu might be one of them but who knows.
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I can confirm that this is an Apple restriction when phones are locked to the carrier.

You have a few options. Buy the phone unlocked from Apple, unlock it through the carrier, or jailbreak (I uses the TetherMe jailbreak app to change my APN settings).

Your beef here is not with Koodo, but with Apple.
God only knows why OS's dont have a toggle for MMS data On/Off and Internet data On/Off
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Mobile master ??? Oh! Please ...are you working for Koodo ??? Lol !! Shows corporate mentality/brain wash for sure :) --I have Apple unlocked phone ...and yepp this is not just my voice this idea is a voice for all people who has iPhone unlocked and not under contracts and all good that all Apple has to give ..why Koodo is not letting us???? please provide answer for sure ..do you not think for a moment I did not see this coming in a reply ..blame game is not what I am looking for ..if you can not stand my grammar please refrain from this post as this is just an idea and let's not get ruin by my personal inability to put it in a prettier words :)
Hope you are clear as to what I am saying ..am I right ?? Back me up if you do ??
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And yeah my beef is who I pay every month and not the one who makes this device ...why not mms settings as other devices get it ..why not give us an option when we connect this with iTunes and say hey we see you have unlocked iPhone do you want this or that ???
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As you said yourself, other devices have it. Just not the iphone. Clearly Koodo does not care if they have it or not. It's Apple who prevents it.

And trust me, no mobile master works for Koodo. We are free to have our own opinions. We can praise or criticize Koodo all we want.

As an example, KOODO SUCKS in Manitoba. I cant even get signal for all of the Trans-Canada Highway. Definitely dont have your car break down on that stretch of the highway because you wont get signal

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