Koodo rips people off!!!

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Why are you, Koodo, ripping people off???? Your Nexus 5 goes for $550, but it's only $350 on Google. That's like me opening a Toyota dealership and then selling a Corolla for $30k when every other place sells it for half the price. Because of this, I will never, ever go with Koodo, you filthy, greedy pigs.
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sasha saint

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Posted 4 years ago

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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Actually Koodo has it for $400

Bell has it for $500

Telus has it for $500

Rogers has it for $500

Virgin has it for $500

Fido has it for $500

I guess you won't be signing up with any provider then huh
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You have choice. No one forces you to buy a phone from Koodo.
If you find a better deal somewhere else, you can get it from there.
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And if you do get a better deal elsewhere then you get a 10% discount from Koodo for bringing your own device. I don’t think they are making a lot of money selling phones, in fact with the 10% discount they seem to be encouraging you to find it elsewhere. Seems to me they are only selling phones because they have to and if it is convenience store prices go where the price is lower.

Some people can’t afford to buy the phone outright so Koodo helps with their tab system (I still don’t completely understand how that works or want to as I’d rather get 10% off) but you can’t expect them to loan you free money, they have to charge something to spot you the phone until it is paid for.
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Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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Let's say someone wanted the Nexus 5 and could either go on Tab M or buy it out from Google and takes the $44 plan. Here's the options:

Google: $350 for 16GB + shipping and taxes, which is around 400 or so anyway. $44 - 10% is 39.60 * 24 months = $1350.40 (not including taxes)

Koodo Tab M:

$100 down but the plan is $49 after Tab charge + (49 * 24) = $1276.

How is buying it from Google any better in this circumstance?
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I think it's better when we go beyond 2 years. I get $6.24 No Tab discount X 2 (two phones) or $149.76 less per year. It's also worth it for the extra flexibility. If another provider comes along within those two years with much better rates then you are still obligated to Koodo until your tab is paid so you have a harder time taking advantage of it.
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Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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Yes but after 2 years the Tab charge falls off and then you can also opt for 10% discount. At that point both parties are at par.
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Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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I bet you were looking at the prepaid price too... If you got it on Tab then you'd only have to pay $100 upfront. Just remember that Koodo is a service provider, not a phone provider!

Also why the hate? Nobody's holding a gun to your head for you to buy it from Koodo. If you want to get it outright, get it from Google.
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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An educated guess says that the o.p. planned to buy the nexus 5 from koodo to use with another carrier right from the start.
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Mark Kokolsky

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If you don't like the pricing, theres the door. Especially since as dennis said, Koodo offers it for less than any other carrier currently.
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Then buy it from Google if you want it for Google's price.
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Everyone's made great points, thought I might add this as it's a life lesson that's served me well.

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