Koodo should invest in customers wanting BlackBerry now that they use Android OS. Is there a plan to bring their phones back?

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If Koodo doesnt start carrying BlackBerry phones (especially with the announcement of the BlackBerry Vienna) I'm seriously consindering leaving to go to a BlackBerry supporting company. i want to know what can be done about this and if Koodo has an actual plan along with what that plan is
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Posted 2 years ago

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Or the Blackberry Priv!
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What I am about to say should be taken in the context of me using a Blackberry Z30 as my daily driver for the past 2 years, despite it starting to slow down a bit from 10.3.x+. Koodo has no good reason to, aside from potentially leeching a few units off of Telus. Blackberry just posted 600k units sold this quarter. Worldwide. Worldwide market share has legitimately fallen below 0.1%. Why should Koodo carry blackberries outside of patriotism? Or being able to hedge bets by leeching some Telus ones and flashing them to say "Koodo?"

Chen constantly flip flops between "we will never stop hardware" and "if we can't make money on hardware, we will stop hardware." I wish that all Canadian carriers, including flankers, would sell the Priv, but it's just not happening. Of the flanker brands, only Virgin carries any BB phone, the Classic. Sooo...are you going to go to Wind? MTS? Sasktel?  Videotron only carries the Classic.

You're going to pay 800-900 for a Priv with Koodo no matter what if they carried it. So who cares? Honestly. What's the difference? Hoping for Koodo knocking 50 bucks by buying it on a tab/tab large? That's no guarantee. A quick look at outright vs tab costs of phones on koodomobile.com plainly shows no rhyme or reason to any subsidies they choose to offer. At least none that I know of. Buy one from Telus, or if you want to show extra support for BB, give them 100% of the cash and buy it direct from BB.
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Hi James,

You can also purchase the Blackberry device you wanted from their online store. They will be unlocked and you can even use it for travelling without paying extra for unlocking.
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Koodo's interested in their bottom line. As am I (in my own, not Koodo's).

To me, mobile service and phone purchase are two separate things. I'm with a carrier that fits my budget and I get whatever phone I want from whatever source fits my budget as well. I'd never choose another carrier because of a phone that they carry, if that meant upping my monthly bill. But if they'd sweeten the deal with a promo plan - maybe... Though in my mobile experience in Canada, that isn't likely to happen.
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I myself do not choose the ability to pick a phone over the plan. Seems like lots of people do though. I suppose if you have the budget/ are willing to cut down elsewhere to do so, that's your prerogative, but things are expensive enough as it is in Canada, so no thanks.
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In most cases, especially with koodo you end up paying the phone yourself. If you get the priv for example, your still going to be stuck paying ~450$ upfront, and have a 500$ tab to pay for, plus a more expensive plan since you took the tab plus. It costs 9$ more per month for a 1gb of data, unlimited call plan on the tab plus than the regular tab, plus your paying the 21$ Tab charge. 

So, for the priv you would now be paying nearly 102$ per month for 24 months plus 565$ upfront so after two years you would have spent 3013$ for the phone after 2 years.
Without using the tab, you would be paying about 67$ per month plus 1017$ upfront. After two years you would have paid 2625$ for the same exact thing. That's almost 400$ worth of savings. 

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