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Jordan Stevens

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Posted 3 years ago

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sucks that is ALWAYS down on the days I log in to see my account !!!! really sick of that !
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hmm, just my bad timing I guess, ... working today ! ;-)
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It's very rudimentary so far. Unless I can't see where to view it, I can't perform the same self serve changes, etc on the new version compared to the old.
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Melinda Mcgrath

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I can't seem to be able to access my acct to pay my bill now
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What is the problem you are experiencing? WHat error message, if any are you getting?
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Shannon Moore

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Try to set an account for paying bills and it does not work! Now my phone is deactivated and will have to call in to customer service to get this problem taken care of! Should not be so hard to set up a self serve account!
I have JUST bought a SIN card and stuff from Koodo and almost finished then it did this to me D: GRR.
and its also not working the link.
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Works for me!
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Same here.
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The new webpage is taking forever so is self serve
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Mark Kokolsky

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I would bet that since its a massive overhaul of a giant site, it will take a bit of time to make sure any and all bugs have been worked out.
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Mayumi, Mobile Master

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I like the "Usage mater" on the new self serve page. It's easy to see and understand. Now you can check detailed minutes usage of current billing cycle.

One thing ( for now) I want to see change/add is , I went over my data limit and it shows me "$5 on new tier" and amount of MB I went over. But it doesn't show how much MB on the new tier. Is it $5 for 50MB or $5 for 100MB? If you have a old plan, overage charges are different than current plans. so it would be nice if it show me/us overage tier/rate.
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I found out the hard way that if you don't have a "data plan" but use data one day, it is $5 ... I ended up 2 days one month paying $10 extra :(
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Malcolm Olsen

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I can't find info with respect to my log feature on my S3 not responding properly....also why does someone have to wait  45 minutes to talk to a CSR. Also why don't you have more kiosks in the lower Okanaga Valley serviced by Koodoo and not the likes of Walmart or such. Most of them can't be bothered helping you. The charge of $10 for changes involving human contact is obscene. And the Koodoo web site for what's new doesn't exist on my computer
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Sophia, Mobile Master

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Most participants here would be more than willing to help. Please start a new thread, I know there are many here that know a lot about Samsung devices.
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Unable to change to promo plans on self serve.
Only way is to call

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