Koodo mobile should have Home Internet for $50/month for Koodo customers.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Allan, Mobile Master

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Agreed it would be cool but data limits on home wifi are rough and I dont believe Koodos systems are ready for unlimited data.
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@Allan: OP's suggestion would be a wireline service, not wireless.

"Should" is relative. Fido kick-started the trend in Ontario on the Rogers network. Virgin did the same on the Bell network (again Ontario only) to compete with Fido. Bell network also available in Quebec plus Bell Aliant in the maritimes, Rogers network also available in NB and NL, but no one is offering home internet via subsidiary brands out there.

If Koodo were to offer home internet, it'd be on Telus's network, which is limited to BC/AB and some of Eastern QC. But to compete with who? Not Fido nor Virgin. Maybe if Shaw were to offer it under FreedomMobile in AB, but still, wouldn't be happening in Ontario.

In otherwords, don't expect to see this any time soon.

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Oh he didnt say wired service. I was think home internet like Koodos home phone service. I was thinking it could be implemented along with the home phone service Koodo has. Kinda make the hub a bundle and keep Koodo running as a selfserve buisness. As soon as you add wired internet into a house you will need to have someone set it up so i think to implement it in a way like the home phone service would be the only way Koodo could do it while keeping the company "self serve"
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Telus has "smart hub" I use for rural internet its 110 bucks for half terabyte , I can watch Netflix for 8 hours a day and have data left over. I like it... it's all I can get out here. I have 2 phones with Koodo and love their service BUT I have to give Telus my money because Koodo doesn't offer BUT I would rather get from Koodo and ya, maybe get home phone too... all in one box.... that'd be cool! My 2 cents :-)
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Can't help you with home Internet, but Koodo offers the wireless home phone now in most provinces. We use it too and it's so much better than the actual home phone ever was!
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The thing with coming out with the a hub like Telus is that the only places that Telus has this hub is where they have a major ISP backbone in BC and Alberta. Unfortunately, they don't have the same backbone available to support major data traffic such as home networks in the remainder of the country so there is little reason for Koodo to offer this service.
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Actually, Mathieu, it is even narrower than that. The service is offered to people who can connect through (some) towers which are on Telus' Fibre network, and have the necessary bandwidth, else all that is available is the regular mobility data product and prices. 

So, as you say, it is not as simple as having cellular connectivity.
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What about someone who has a trailer home and happens to reside in rural AB/BC? Can they not drive in to major cities with their home hub? While they're in the city, they won't get any LTE connection on their home hub? Say those who live near the SK boarder, once they cross, no data connection on their home hub?

I know Bell's deal for ON/QC ($60-145 for 5-100 GB) is more expensive than TELUS, but can be used anywhere (including where Bell DSL/Fibe is available).