Koodo clearly lagging behind.. Why are we still here?

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I'm pretty frustrated with Koodo at this point guys..

I moved over from Rogers 2 years ago. No regrets there. At the time, Koodo, Virgin, and Fido were pretty equivalent in terms of prices and services. Now, however, this is no longer the case. Koodo has not made a single improvement or introduced a single new feature over the past 2 years at least. On the other hand, both Fido and Virgin have been working hard to improve their customer experience with services such as:

1. Easy roaming packages (roam sweet roam and the such) as opposed to Koodo's archaic roaming packages. Using a Koodo phone outside N America is impossible with their joke of a package (50MB for $40), whereas the other 2 providers give reasonable options. Yes it's cheaper to buy a local SIM overseas, but some of us don't want to switch SIMs and need to keep our local number turned on. I understand Koodo is rumoured to be introducing a similar offering soon, but that's over a year late!

2. Fido Bytes - 5 hours of unlimited LTE a month

3. Free spotify premium for 6 months with Fido - worth $60

4. Virgin Mobile member discounts at multiple stores

5. Mobile phone apps! Koodo got lazy and removed their phone apps recently! Unheard of. Yes you can do all the same stuff by visiting their website on mobile, but an app is much easier and we didn't need to constantly log in. No other carrier would withdraw support for their apps!

Not to mention the old-fashioned unattractive website which hasn't been improved in ages, and their recent loss of the J.D. Power Canadian Wireless Customer Care award to Virgin, which Koodo used to flaunt at us all the time.

Why are we paying the same rates as Virgin and Fido for less? Can anyone justify this? I'm giving Koodo till September to introduce a proper roaming package as promised, but otherwise bailing to one of the other 2. Not happy to do so, but I work hard for my money and can't justify getting less for it.
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By the way.. apparently the Koodo website doesn't properly support Safari as well. Had to move to Chrome to post this as sign in wouldn't happen on Safari
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Koodo isn't the company hosting this forum. If you couldn't sign in here using Safari, you'd need to take that up with GetSatisfaction.
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I have no problem using safari on any of my devices to access the forum.
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1. Koodo is bringing a similar roaming package to us in September i believe was the goal.
2. Shock Free Data is Koodo's thing.
3. They've had $10/month for 6 month promos recently for all customers, not just ones who get higher tiered plans.
5. Koodo got rid of their app because it wasnt being used, mainly because of shock free data. Many found they didnt need to check data usage if they got text notifications and it automatically got shut off. If the app was heavily used my customers, im sure they would've kept it.

For the website, self serve has been redone in the past 2 years I believe.
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The website has been redone especially to be mobile friendly. Now, in self-serve, it's still a mashup of old and new and with time it's moving more and more to new. I'm actually really disappointed by the length of time this is taking, especially for a carrier that pushes taking care of things yourself. Having said that, it's generally still navigatable.
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Dont hold your breath.  Switch providers right away when you see the ideal promo
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I've bailed on Koodo. September came and went and Koodo did not offer the new roaming options they spread the rumours about..

Virgin & Fido offered plans at great discounts in my province recently (which Koodo did not match by the way) and I decided it was time to go. Got 4x the data and all the above features for $10 more a month. Also learned about another service Koodo doesn't support: WiFi calling. On Fido and Virgin, if your signal strength is weak, your phone can use wifi to make calls and send/receive texts. Koodo doesn't support that.

I'm really disappointed in Koodo. Don't understand why they decided to be so lazy and not upgrade their services to match competition. Anyway, I won't be looking back. Have a good one guys.
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If you noticed, you don't see them claiming they are the best in customer service anymore, because they aren't. TELUS is also getting worse. I think I had never filed a CCTS complaint against TELUS before. I had to file a few, and I got the CCTS to confirm that TELUS breached the Wireless Code this year. You can barely find their "future is friendly" slogan on their website. No more friendly from this company. That is all they had going for them. They were behind others in other areas. The only area that they are not "behind" others now is pricing, almost always first to increase prices. Watch them remove this post and ban the account instead of making anything better. LOL
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@h: You don't want discussion, you just want attention :))
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Koodo never claimed to have the best customer service. They were number one in customer SATISFACTION. There's a big difference. This year they were number two, with almost the same score as they got last year (within 2 points). The chance in rankings has more to do with Virgin managing not to piss off as many of their customers this year. Koodo has never been a high service brand. They've always been about self serve.
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@Hazner, it's unfortunate you decide to leave. Choice of carriers allows you to choose anyone and I hope you find what you are looking for. 

Promos come and go. We had a number that were left unmatched and we don't match everything Virgin/Fido does. That is simply a business decisions. Indeed wi-fi calling is not something we currently support. How people communicate has changed and less and less are using voice. Plus we have an awesome network! :-) So the need for wi-fi is very minimal. 

It looks like some of our decision paid off as TELUS/Koodo had gained the most new net customers last quarter. That could have only be done with a service that offers great value. All the best Hazner! 

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