Kodoo Frustration: There Is No "Happy" In This Choice!

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I share the same anger and frustration expressed by other Kodoo customers in
this forum. I too have been trying to sign up for the "Unlimited Talk and Text
plus 10 Gigs of Data" plan being offered for a very limited time by Koodo and
others. Silly me. I thought it would be easy.

I began by stopping by the local Koodo kiosk to make the change, only to be told
I didn't qualify. This plan was for new customers only, not existing ones. Even though
I no longer had a contract and my paid off iPhone was unlocked I could not sign up for the new plan. New customers get the good stuff - loyal, faithful, pay their bills on time customers get squat.

The kiosk folks did suggest that I call customer support and see if something could be worked out. That's where the nightmare really began.

For most of Sunday and Monday I called and called and called. Most of the time, I got a
recorded message about higher than normal call volumes and to check back later.
Oh yeah, the recording also stated how they really valued my time.

I did get through once on Sunday, only to be put on hold for two and a half hours before my call was dropped. Finally, on Monday night after waiting another two hours, I did actually speak
to a human - who transferred me to another department (Loyality and Retention, I assume) which was closed! So much for the company's efforts to retain customers.

At this point I'm ready to in the towel and go with someone else.
Perhaps there really is cell phone provider out there that really does
care about it's customer.
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Posted 5 months ago

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If you want to stick with Koodo, the simplest way to get this plan is to sign up for a new account. Then, I'd request a port of your old number. If Koodo won't allow you to do this, you can port your old number somewhere (maybe a VoIP like Fongo), and then back to the new Koodo account.

An even simpler way would be for Koodo to allow users to select this plan via Self Serve providing that there's no tab balance on the account.
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Or just port to another carrier as a new activation
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I called Friday, waited on hold for 1 hour 45 minutes to reach 1st level CS.  Asked to be transferred to loyalty.  2 hours and 10 minutes and hearing the same Christmas songs 5x over, I hung up.  I could have waited, eventually would have gotten through, but I had another plan.

The next day I went to Koodo, opened up a new line with the new plan.  Took a new number.  Purchased a Koodo prepaid sim card while I was there.  Got home, activated a prepaid line and ported my Koodo phone number (the one I wanted to keep) out to the prepaid line.  This does 2 things: a) cancels the line, and b) basically holds the phone number for you.  I then ported this number into the new activation and that's it, done.  It's a few more steps, but I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend rather than sitting staring at a phone.

I get people are upset because nobody answers or they get disconnected.  But you have to realize how call centers work, how many people are there answering phone calls vs the number of people calling.  They are overwhelmed.  And they can't just add more people to answer calls because I'm sure they're running at capacity.  And they can't set this up through self serve, otherwise servers would crash and it would be the same scenario.  

This is a game of numbers for the carriers.  All the carriers were running the promo; they knew they would lose customers by porting out, they knew they would gain customers by porting in.  In the end, it's up to the consumer what they want to do.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there in the Canadian cell phone industry.  Consumers have the ability to take their phone number and go where they wish.  It's not everyday that a plan comes along like this and I don't blame people for wanting to jump on it.  

In the end, I just want to say go easy on the customer service people.  They are doing all they can during this stressful time for them.
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@Denis: what do you mean by "best system". nobody had the "best system". Such general comment on a competitor seems unhelpful here.
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Ok let me be more blunt

>>>Yes, that was another point I wanted to stress also. Fido/Rogesr reacted right away to Telus/Koodo 10GB and they even at last allowed their customers to change their plan themselves, online.

That is Wrong. The gf has fido and was unable to change her plan herself online.
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It was in the last hours of today! when did your GF do it? You need to read other forum also. Many reported there!
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I just checked it right now.
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Do it, I wouldn't want to put a link from another forum here.
If you still insist, I would have no choice but  doubting your integrity.

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