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I think koodo could implement something to take 2 of the ideas under consideration and make something great for customers. One things is someone suggested that there be something to pay off your tab quicker and another suggestion was to give something to loyal customers.
Well my idea is to take the 10% payback of the tab and for each year your with Koodo that 10% gets increased by either 1 or 2% to a maximum of something like 20% . This could possibly start after youve been with koodo for 2 years if 1 year seems too soon for koodo but something along the lines of this idea.

-KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)
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Posted 6 years ago

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Using Super tab to let customer pay off his tab ASAP and gave incentives to loyal customers were main focus of some posters like you said it - that's fair.
Regarding pushing Koodo to take 10% payback of the tab for each year with Koodo, get it increased by 1, 2% to a maximum of 20% if you have been with Koodo for 2 years, to get what? credit, one month free, new phone ..
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Your tab would get paid off quicker and go up in the positive quicker so youd have more tab towards a new phone sooner. Each year your amount that goes towards your tab which is 10% would go up. So after a year youd have 11 or 12% of your bill amount going towards your tab then the second year it would go up to 12 or 14 % of your bill going towards your tab. So basically youd work towards a new phone quicker the longer your with koodo. Get it?
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This would be good any thing to help pay off that tab
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Why are you rushing to pay off your tab? It's an interest free loan as someone said. You won't get that anywhere. We took tab either because we didn't have the money or we did but wanted to take advantage of it. The same way i'm not rushing to pay off my car loan. It'a a zero percent for 3 years.

On the other idea, gift or whatever for loyal customers. I personally couldn't care less. They will never be able afford anything to make it worthwhile and if it's something barely worth mentioning, like most offers with other companies, I will bolt the moment someone has a better offer on their plans. What keeps me with koodo is what they offer overall from coverage to plans to decent service, that's all.
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Alot of ppl want to pay off their tabs quicker because they like getting a new phone often, like myself. Ive had 5 phones in the past year and would love if I could have put one on an intrest free loan, wouldnt you? It would also be good if Koodo let you buy accessories on the tab to. Then ppl would kind of get that free gift , just in a different way that would make more sense to koodo then just giving away things.

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